Next Games: Please enhance the leaderboards in time for 2019

I brought this idea up last year... with the new calendar year right around the corner paired with new ultimate challenge iterations, it's time to considerate this again. Seriously @Kaz, @Shteevie - please consider this. With the big guild wars update coming and the latest challenge iteration (not to mention 2019 right around the corner) the timing would be perfect for this.

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For the TL/DR crowd: In addition to the current lifetime leaderboard, have a calendar year leaderboard that resets each year beginning on 1/1/2019 to record YTD stars and YTD personal bests as well as weekly leaderboards (meaning who are the top players for THIS challenge). Lifetime stars and personal bests remain.

Light from a development standpoint. Recognizes new players who are top performers as well as lifetime players, it creates another leaderboard for folks to care about (*cough* *cough* revenue generating), and it resets the playing field every calendar year to account for crazy events that allowed you to get a crazy personal best that's way out of line with what you're normally able to achieve. What's not to love?

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Bill_ZRT said:

I don't think you want to screw around with 'lifetime' stars. People playing forever deserve to be recognized. With that said, I do believe that a change (or potential change) in the number of stars players can expect in a challenge would be a great time for some leader board changes/additions. For example, starting on January 1 2018 have a YTD leader board as well as a weekly leader board and begin tracking YTD personal bests (retain the current 'lifetime' personal bests). In 2019, the YTD leader board gets wiped out (or keep 2018 for posterity and just begin a 2019 YTD LB as well).

This allows the newer players who are kicking ass and taking names to be recognized while still recognizing legendary players that have remained on top of the 'lifetime' leader boards. Plus, this gives players even more incentive to play harder (something I imagine NG's would like). A new, but very good player might never crack the all time top 50, but they could dominate the 2018 weekly and annual leader boards. And they might try quite a bit harder to stay on top of this new YTD leader board. All the data is there... seems pretty light from a development standpoint to slice and dice the data and include these new leader boards.

Seems like a win/win to me.

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