I'm on episode 7 mission 4 and need help.

Can't make it through past car and dumpster due to being over run by too many walkers. Watched how to video on that site that posts all missions but I have 20 more walkers than him from the beginning. Getting frustrated. He didn't have armored walkers in his either...does anyone have a video of this mission where the Walker count is so high?

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  • froggyfroggy Member Posts: 27
    Thanks for trying to help. The problem is I can't even get to the point of even securing the area because there are too many walkers from the get go and I'm over run. I try to take out the armored from beginning but am contending with 10 to 15 regular walkers in start zone. I'll keep trying:)
  • froggyfroggy Member Posts: 27
    I've tried with 2 hunters and bruiser...2 hunters and shooter...2 hunters and scout...etc...I'll see if I can do a screen shot to show at another time:) gotta get ready for work.
  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    i think i finished it with 1 bruiser, 1 scout and 1 hunter. i run my bruiser straight to the dumpster avoiding the tank walker. and my scout straight to the armored walker so my hunter can pass through below the car.. ignore all walkers behind. just kill (with hunter) those who block the dumpster and car so you can move it. And just pray that your survivors survive some few bites.
  • shunter76shunter76 Member Posts: 2
    Took me forever to complete this one, just because I was concentrating on the walkers in the starting area too much. On one failed attempt I had dispatched 49 walkers before I died but when I finally completed it I only had to kill 7. I used a Bruiser, Scout and Shooter......the trick is to move the car on your 2nd move. The armoured walker is the first to be attacked, dead by the 2nd move but ensuring that you don't leave your character in front of the car when you've killed it. Then move the car up before the other walkers get there. As for the bin, move it on your 3rd move and the rest is easy after that. I was stuck on it for about 2 weeks lol quite frustrating
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