New Daily Radio Call/Gear Event

I'm proposing something like a "trait of the day" for radio calls and gear that changes each day to add some more fun to the game.

During this event, when making a radio call ALL non-hero survivors would have this specific trait as part of their abilities. For instance, if the trait of the day for a radio call was Ruthless, each survivor would have Ruthless. Furthermore, if a call reveals an Epic survivor (4 traits known) and none of them are Ruthless, then players would KNOW that the 5th trait is Ruthless before promoting, since it is the guaranteed trait of the day.

One issue I see is that not all classes have the same traits possible. In that case, the comparable traits could be featured together. For instance, Marksman and Strong could both be possible in the same day. Or if it's easier to implement, don't have melee survivors possible when Marksman is the trait of the day for example.

The same idea could be used with gear.

Would something like this be possible?@Kaz @Shteevie

I believe this would be hugely beneficial to players looking to get a certain trait on a certain class without being overpowered. Please provide feedback!
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