Feedback thread - Faster Progression/Readjusted Rewards and next week's proposal



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  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 492
    Gas is great triple rounds to late for the rewards we get, start triple rounds little earlier or give us rewards that are significant in change, I don’t see much
  • dlbdlb Member Posts: 299
    I think the rewards are correctly adjusted so thats good. I still hate the welfare geared towards the lower players and guilds but whatever. If this change becomes permanent, could we wipe the old personal high scores from the system and start new? Our benchmark from the old system serves no purpose in a new system.
  • TweetyBirdTweetyBird Member Posts: 157
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    Several players in my Guild have commented positively about the extra gas. Wait times aren't so long and the stars are achieved faster. Personally I love the shorter play and have been able to have the time to push to a higher level. I like the change. At 34.2 right now, 10 round passes. Close to the 11 round passes earned last week.
  • ReeconnReeconn Member Posts: 540
    Keep the 30 gas forever , i feel i am playing the game more because of the extra gas
  • LucasMcCainLucasMcCain Member Posts: 6
    I haven't been able to reach max level since playing this game. I'm level 68 now, maybe 100 million tomato cans from lvl 70. Every time I've gained lvls and gotten closer to the dangling carrot, the carrot was moved farther out along with the rewards that came with it. Make your changes. I have achieved a zen state of apathy.
  • sbfsbf Member Posts: 466
    I'm thrilled we're finally getting a challenge change test that lasts for more than a single week, since that would always throw everything off. This week we get our baseline for this challenge structure, since the round passes everyone has are based on this system. I loved the small reduction in rounds played, and while I would prefer many more rounds to be cut out, 5 rounds seems like an alright compromise. Based on some of the comments from another thread of mid-level players wishing triple rounds started sooner, I wonder if cutting out the same number of rounds, but shift where the rounds are cut from.

    I said this in another feedback thread, but I figure I'll mention it here:
    sbf said:

    If the goal is to remove 5 rounds, personally I'd be more interested in rounds taken off the beginning rather than taken off more mid-level missions because I want to see players getting better... max-level, competitive players don't feel all that much of a difference between 20 and 29.3, but giving an extra tier at 29 would give another chance for mid-level players to push their team to a much more satisfying completion, and get better rewards. Plus the best way to get to those very high levels is to be comfortable playing at them, and the more you play them, the less anxious you'll be trying to pass a level. I've seen players with lower level survivors and mostly green badges play at +10 without dropping down to one-star. When the going gets tough, you've got to adjust your teams accordingly and look for the moves that will keep you alive.

    @Kaz What about cutting two rounds from the bottom (start at a slightly higher level) and then have triple rounds could start at 29? Any chance we could see that in one of the following challenges?
  • RaffoRaffo Member Posts: 28
    The lower number of rounds is perfect in my opinion
  • smokes82smokes82 Member Posts: 1
    I don't care about any changes except the 30 gas after every restock. That is an awesome feature and I hope it becomes permanent.
  • DrhooDrhoo Member Posts: 131
    More passes after a certain level, why not?
  • xMelxxMelx Member Posts: 19
    Yes Please keep it. I enjoyed the challenge so much more than normal. It became fun faster. Thank you!
  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 181
    I use to be very sceptical but i appreciate the fact that also the lower level players and those who play between lvl 32 and 35 are heard, thx so far.
    Like all the others i like the gas flood.
    One thing that may be a small compensation for the loss of stars because of the more difficult levels from 32 and up may be to reduce the hospital time. That would make many players keep on trying to reach one more level and therefore fight for a few more stars without bleeding gold...
    The shorter healing time could for example start from lvl. 32
  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 181
    Exactly. What can i use the gas flood for if my survivors are all in the hospital?

  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 181
    Most players are very focussed on stars... me too.
    Stars is the holy parameter istnt it? Every tries to change the gameplay because of the grind are difficult, ok.
    Did anybody came on the idea to think about the 3 star rule on itself? Why not from the start begin with for example 4 stars or 5 (by cutting some rounds). Its only to find some parameters for that, for example = a player got 4 stars as long as no walker even touch him. I am sure its possible to find more.
  • DrhooDrhoo Member Posts: 131
    I don't have a problem, only another opinion :)
    I certainly don't hate high level players, why should I?
    I only stated that exactly LVL 27 to 32(playground/grinding ground of midlvl) were made substantially tougherand this for the 3rd time in less than a year
    My main concern was the constant changing the rules and the complete absence in bringing new things to the game..
    Weirdly enough, never got any reaction on this from NG
    Fyi, I'm lvl 70 player myself
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