Feedback thread - Faster Progression/Readjusted Rewards and next week's proposal



  • DrhooDrhoo Member Posts: 131
    @Kaz, thanks for the answer, I appreciate it;)
    I probably didn't give the impression but I do like the game a lot.
    Been in several guilds and seen several players lose faith and quit the game though, there for I sincerely hope basic rules stay more permanent in future
  • solventsolvent Member Posts: 83
    I don't like this 'reducing the grind'.
    As a L70 player I need that grind for the resources to level up chars & gear.
    I vote not to have only two rounds before level 32.

    I primarily focus only on the challenge now.
    My new personal high score was just over 1800 stars during the freemen chal, then >1600 the next week, but only >1300 on this last one with the crippled rounds.
    I engaged less with the game this week than almost ever - just too frustrating.

    Using stars as the metric for progress/achievement in the game, it is disappointing to see the balancing make the possible stars available lower and lower and lower.

    I vote for two challenge streams, like the distance, for those players who dont care about grinding for resources or for stars.

    Good work, great game NG.
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  • sicronsicron Member Posts: 103
    @capibara I remember the community complaints back from my WoW times. Casual players wanted content they could play. They got it. Then hardcore players didn't have anything to do because it was so easy to clear. Then they added shitload of game difficulties so people from every range could play. But that means shitload of grind for someone who wants to complete everything. There is not an easy answer to that problem, if there is one at all. To make things even harder in finding a solution, this isn't a PC game, it's an app game with no subscription fee.
  • RookiellRookiell Member Posts: 1
    Can we raise the gas level max too? Not just for challenges
  • Michonor23Michonor23 Member Posts: 69
    I love the extra gas (who would turn that down?) as it let me play both the distance and challenge. As someone who works the weekend, I don’t necessarily always have time to wait for my gas to replenish. That being said, it would be great if healing times were somehow reduced. I am a mid level player, so not all my hero’s/survivors are able to take on the later challenge rounds. As some have said, I usually stop playing when I struggle multiple times to even get one measly star. I’ll only tough it out if finishing that round will get me a round pass. Not having to wait over 2 hours for that highest level survivor to heal after a struggle would be great. (I know I can use gold but I’m like a dragon and hoard it — for radio calls I really want and jackpot days. Using gold for healing every time would bankrupt me)

    I like the rewards from the challenge but the restructuring of them won’t really change my gameplay either way. My favorite part of the challenge is getting radios from guild rewards and getting hero tokens. It seems like getting hero tokens is harder now at the lower levels as they are just token rewards.
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,376
    Hey @solvent, you're an idiot. My next 3 sentences after the 2 you quoted perfectly spell out exactly how you're not missing out on resources. Here they are again because like I'm no math whiz, it seems like you're no reading whiz:

    "You have the same amount of time and gas as you always do. If the reduction in challenge grind makes you finish the challenge sooner than normal, you still have all that time and gas to use in other game modes to find those resources. Hell, the scavenge modes will give you more XP and supplies than the challenge will anyway so this should help you progress even faster!"

    Is this starting to make sense?

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  • solventsolvent Member Posts: 83
    Thank you, most of you, for taking the time to talk about where players can get resources outside of the challenge.

    But I haven't changed my position.

    The challenge is where I want to spend the bulk of my time and gas in the game for now.
    That's why I'm sticking my neck out for a sec to have my voice counted during this transitional period.

    There have been several core changes to the gameplay over the years that I thought have been, uh, not the best choice imo.
    (rant on historical issues dutifully repressed...)
    But like elections: you can't really bitch about it if you don't even vote.
    This is my vote.

    The Guild, star-count & leaderboards are where the social aspect of the game come into play for me:
    I look at the leaderboards and bamm there's where my guild fits in this week, bamm there's where I fit in.
    The leaderboards also help the Guild to come together and rally, to strive ahead to move up one more spot...

    I support three rounds of play throughout, so that we can all get the resources we need
    while contributing to our Guild's and to our own leaderboard standing.

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    1. >500K walkers
    2. >24.5K survivors
    3. because it was either them or me
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    (can we have our in-game kill stats back soon pls?)
  • DraketernalDraketernal Member Posts: 1
    I'm newish but I used to run in RTS in one of the top factions. I dig the game thus far, and hope to continue with such an interest. The extra gas is always a great option, as would free gas at points in time to allow for maximum enjoyment. The challenges are a bit of a pickle ATM as I'm only council level 12, but so far all seems well. Only issue is gear upgrades, as by the time you get something ready it's already about time to equip your higher level gear (not upgraded) to keep up. Tyvm for having an ear, sorry if I was on/off topic ;)
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,376
    @solvent and @Anax did you two really go through all my comments on every thread and just disagree with them, even comments that aren't even disagreeable, because I hurt your feelings with my opinions on reducing challenge grind? Jesus. Grow up. @Kaz I thought we were over this crap on the forum?
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    @crambert_nec Just checking in to say that i like your videos!
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