Pain Walker’s December Update 3.0 Sneak Peek Thread!

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Hi all

First of all you can now refer to me as General Pain.

The Guild Wars Update is fast approaching. In my opinion it’s the biggest update ever to hit NML. There is just so much information and for people who have never played it before will struggle a bit until they figure out how to play it and what all the new icons etc mean.

So over the last 2 weeks I have been working (and still working) on short Sneak Peek videos to hopefully help you understand and learn everything you need to know about Guild Wars before the update. Each video will only take 4 min max of your time and will at the same time deliver tons of info for you to assimilate, share and discuss with your guild mates. You will have a couple of days between each video to do that.

First of all I would advise you to watch if you haven’t already the dev QnA with @Shteevie which will give you an overall overview of this massive feature.

Now the Sneak Peek videos begin on Tuesday 27th at 5PM UTC Time. You can set a reminder from my channel if you want. Also I will be providing a text version for each video but I would advise you to watch the video first since there will be tons of visual references.

Sneak Peek 1

Sneak Peek 2

Sneak Peek 3

Sneak Peek 4

Sneak Peek 5

Sneak Peek 6

Probably making a video!

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