Next week's proposal (December 12th's Challenge)



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    Short version too much gas in tg shop reducing gas booster sales.
  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 185
    agree, lol.... still growing🛢🛢🛢
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    Everybody posting comments should show to the others who he/she is... not the name but the level he plays, guild wars yes-no, high money player- no money player...That would ng give the possibility to see which kind if player has the one or the other opinion. I think there is a huge gap in opinions between the high end players and causual plsyers because all of us looks at the game from his own point.
    I for example are causual, playing between 35 and 36 (because i got degraded by former and the actual experiments), i used to use about 30-50 usd/week but i am changing to 0 usd/week because i exactly understand what @Coolseb wants to say.
    That somebody using a lot of money should earn more benefits and goodies is absolutely correct but its not necessary to punish the crowd of causual players and guilds.
    But once again - i appreciate and support the attempt of ng to adjust the game, i am with it all ways ...i just believe that at the end it will become another degrading like the 2 last ones, and the next and the next, and so on.
    About the grind... the grind is relative. For the high end players its huge, for low level players its essential to gather stars and have fun. And here is the difficulty kaz and ng wants to find a fair way.
    The discussion wether a player has to hunt after higher level or more stars is senseless. They are connectet to each other - what was first, the chicken or the egg.
    I personally think the game has become so huge with all the different options to play, that its necessary to split in a causual and a hardcore gameplay. My unfortune situation is that my gameplay is in the cut between those modes. Lets all give ng the time they need, then we will see.
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    Oooops, correction... i am not playing lvl 35-36 but 33-36 because of degrading!!
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    Sorry to say if the game goes back to the old format there will be more players quitting than staying just my 2 cent
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    @Kasimir I've recently reached player level 69 and got my first few lvl 24 survivors a week or so ago. I'm a small spender gas booster weekly and recently a couple of bundles. Guild is supergreens which is a top 40 global guild where I usually come 4-5 with around 1400 stars in this format. I do play a lot. Thing was even though I play a lot I never reached the point in the old challenge system where I couldn't complete the round I always just ran out of time. Stars are just there to measure you against others. If NG gave everyone 1000 stars at the end of the challenge would your guild be happy I mean they'll be hitting 2000 each week nice big number. I get what you are saying about the challenge being fun but what makes it fun? Striving to do better and better each week or getting through those easy rounds where everyone is 1 shoting walkers? If it's getting resources that people are worried about missing out on then that's what scavanges are for, they aren't fun you say? I agree maybe that is what NG Should be looking at? I don't think a two tier challenge would work the rewards would have to be adjusted as they are in the distance and it wouldn't make it worth playing. I don't know what the answer is but loving the discussions which are being had!
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    Scavaging is the most boring part of the game. A while ago when the new lvl 25 came out i played scavaging a whole weekend. There was that 9 crates event. I harvestet inn about 3 or 4 million cans... per hour!!! Upgrading all buildings in 2 days. Believe me, that was really boring. And yes, stars are one possibility to measure, like others using rounds or whatever. But 1000 stars for nothing makes no sense.
    Many in this chat try to convince others for his solution but does his solution fits to everybody? Dont think so. NG tries to find a solution which maybe doesnt fit to everybody but comes near. I can accept every result, for me the question is: will i keep on playing for (more or less) money (for getting degraded every 2 years because the proffessionals raised their level because their grind is too big again) or will i stop investing at all?
    I hatet when guilds decided to raise the affording stars to a fixed number because not everybody can do that. In our guild we said: bring your level x 10 in stars... a player lvl 69 =690 stars. A player lvl 15=150 stars, thats reasonable for every causual players. At the end of a week, to spice it up a bit) we compared who was the most effective player. If one at lvl 60 got 900 stars his effectivity was 15,0 (stars per lvl).

    @Kaz Stars is the only parameter ng gives us as a guild to compare to each other, is it really so oldfashioned then being fixed to stars? ng coul possiblyngive the guilds more possible comparable parameters (could be an idea),
    Or...instead of guild wars why not playing in divisions (like sim city, they had a neighborhood league, city league and so on) that would solv all that issues. We had more competition against players with the same lvl. You can rise, you can fall, and so on

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    Once a day 30 gas is great as the game exists right now, when guild wars starts it would be nice to have it every restock those weekends.
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    > @Michonor23 said:
    > Once a day 30 gas is great as the game exists right now, when guild wars starts it would be nice to have it every restock those weekends.

    Since Guild Wars uses a different fuel economy.. the fuel that they have been doing in the trade shop won’t make any difference for GW!
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    Coolseb said:

    Sorry but lot of my IG friend and I are really disappointed with this challenge balance that is, as usual, only dedicated to the highest level and powered gamers. Difficulty increased too much in a very VERY quick way. Split in 3 round at level 32 is so late for the mid-players. Challenge was a good way to see how progresses our survivors. Now, in this harder and harder lane, lot of us feel bored with and give up, disappointed, because this balance make us lost about 200 stars each time for the strongest of my little guild. And I notice overall that if the difficulty increased, the quality of the gifts didn't change. Is that necessary to talk about it.... Not more, not better.

    I can already hear some... But I don't care. Just remember when you start it, as you were progressing and used to appreciate it instead of thinking about full game level with full gold and gas. That's fulls***.

    We'd like to enjoy again.

    Thank you

    Could not agree more. This new challenge setup pretty much sucks as far as I am concerned and is leading to players not even bothering to play past the second day in my two guilds. And people talking about quitting more and more when the challenge is over for many by second day. And don't tell me we can scavenge if bored once challenge done as that is probably the worst grind of all for minimum reward return.

    I have lost more than a few to this dumb challenge set up and if ya really want players to buy gas and bundles etc? Let them actually play more in challenge and socialize and challenge each other within a guild. Not this hit the brick wall second day in and find a new game to play that actually holds yer interest instead of the way this game is becoming. Not all of us can be elite and actually enjoy playing the rounds to get more rewards and xp and supplies to build up our survivors.

    Maybe instead of constantly screwing the challenge play, add new content or other game play as once yer through missions? The challenge really becomes the last fun thing for above stated items. Or here's a thought. Open distance everyday for the grind complainers and let them beat up the walkers there instead of taking the fun outta challenge for the actual player base\
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    I want to point out that the current max is 29 for gas and the missions/challenges are the most invested point of the game ever since they came out. It’s not surprising that people take the gas because it’s the only means of completing anything in the game. Even raids which I haven’t done in so long because I don’t want to risk waiting 2 hours or however long it takes to heal a badly injured character from raids. I’m heavily invested in a small group so it would be a total waste of time which means gas is maxed and wasted time to get resources. For me and everyone else not willing to spend gold on healing players.

    It takes long enough to randomly find 2 gold in loot boxes to spend it needless when it could be avoided. All to save for the rare 5000 gold badges. Gas is the only way to get anything done in the game. That’s how it’s set up. I would also like to see more food trades because I’m always maxed out and to have wait for what feels like a month for food trades come out. When I have 15 million food that’s when they should become available because apparently 15 million is the max for the “best” (which is all I’m interested in even though that it’s probably nothing good for my team which is long range characters aka hunters shooters assault) which is another issue.

    Not enough variety. Let your users have varieties to choose. Legendary armor/weapons to choose from. I don’t care if it’s 15 million each. Tough choices in the game should be the feel of the game anyway. It’s supposed to be the apocalypse. Not a plethora of food so no worries, just waiting on the next update which is god knows how long so you can spend it. It makes sense to me anyway that a merchant will have everything you need but a hefty price for however more rare the items are. It would be nice to craft weapons for abilities we prefer but that’s another monster of its own that we could spend food on. I hope this post helps you see the need of changing your game so it feels more like the theme of the game we’re playing.
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    @Kaz for what it's worth, 30 gas did not affect my booster purchases. I bought 2 last weekend and another 2 this past weekend.

    I only boost for the good events. Never for challenge so 30 only helped me reach challenge commitment sooner. Which is good right?

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    It may not directly have something to do with the main duscussion here, but i have hundrets of crap components. For every component i get quit i find 2 other crap components in my crates... that doesnt seem to be a good deal. Why cant we sell them all for xp, tomstoes, gold or whatever? We can only sell the finished badges so far
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    > @crambert_nec said:
    > Just want to chime in again to say that scavenges are not minimum reward return. They actually give you a better return than challenge missions. They are boring AF though haha

    Agree, and I actually get irritated at the longer ones.

    I like the ones I can finish in 3 turns. Make out a game trying to be out before the spawn. Usual I do.

    They are all boring after hours of grind, but at least the shorter ones get me my rewards faster.

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    @ ATLAS-Z
    Jepp, and because i still have some free gas inraised my gas stock to about 1700 now, lol

  • S100200S100200 Member Posts: 97
    @Kaz @TCBRITO

    I'm in the fight for the end of the triple rounds too,
    2 rounds per level is already great.
  • S100200S100200 Member Posts: 97
    Better that the gas increase in the store would be the end of the triple round.
  • RealClareBRealClareB Member Posts: 166
    Farewell 30 gas. Parting is such sweet sorrow :'(
  • gndriagndria Member Posts: 46
    I don't follow the forums religiously so I have maybe missed some extra discussion on this topic.

    I wanted to provide some updates on a previous post I made a few weeks ago about how the change in the challenge would affect stars and the number of round passes I take forward. Last weeks challenge was difficult for me and so my score was lower than I predicted but as anticipated the drop in round passes taken into the 2nd week dropped me below my usual rewards level.

    But as I thought about it, I realise that maybe there is another solution, Optional round passes, and have more of them available, here is how it could work:

    Go back to the old strategy, but at the start of a challenge each player can choose how many round passes they use, if people want to play more and at lower levels then they can use 0 if they want to get onto later rounds quickly they can use all of them (or maybe any choice in between). For this to reduce the grind you would need to increase the number of round passes available though, I don't know if 1 round pass per 2 rounds works or not.

    I don't think this disadvantages anyone, as the choice is with the player. It does have one advantage for higher level players who might get a few extra stars due to the increased round passes meaning double rounds are at a higher level.

    It might not be perfect but I just wanted to throw it out there for others to see how it would affect them.

  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    I've proposed the same thing multiple times and still think it's a good idea, at least until they implement something better.

    I dropped below what I made last week and the week before, too, but personally I think it's because the challenge was harder. I dropped a lot of stars, finished the same round but ended up with a lot fewer...
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    1700 gas should hold for a day... or 2..
  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 185
    @kaz ... @anybody Here are some maybe stupid questions about the guild war... never played it but it sounds interresting:

    1. Must it be 7 or 8 members of the own guild to play the guild war...? If there is only 1 or 2 they cant play at all? In that case you dont need to answer the rest of the questions...💩
    2. Who does a guild play against? Other guilds which are about equal in strength (our guild uses to make about 13000stars) or is it 100% coincidantly who a guild plays against? Or is jt only something for high end guilds with 25000+ who asskiicks us then?
    3. Can all weapon earned in guild wars be used fon ordinary game modes?

  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068

    1. At least 7, up to 10 - if you only have one or two members, you can't play.
    2. Don't really know, some algorithm determes it, I guess.
    3. Yes.
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