Save the regular survivor NG!

Now most of us remember the days when you couldn't stumble into an outpost or start any sort of rukus without them:

The Regular Survivor.

Then came the hero, driving the Regular Survivor out of the camps wtih his hero traits. Where to? No one knows.

The Regular Survivor however adapted. Many a hero stemming from a time before revenge, punish and even ruthless came into existence.

The Regular survivor learned how to use these qualities to complement the heroes.

Now however, there is the emergence of the superhero adding all the unique survivor traits to their own in a manner that the Borg would envy.

So NG, it is time for you to become an NGO and work to save the Reuglar Survivor from extinction.

Otherwise the only place our children will be able to see a Regular Survivor is in a picture on a museum wall.

Help the Regular Survivor adapt to survive. They will need to develop a sixth trait to do so or be able to change their spots.

Save The Regular Survivor!

And it wouldn' t hurt if you reduced your carbon exhaust so please consider investing in electrical mission cars.



  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 722
    I think NG should increase the amount of tokens we get from collecting survivor tokens in the radio call.

    Also, being able to re-roll a trait for regular survivors would be nice. It could be an item we get for completing the Distance or be found in Guild Wars.

    I have an old bruiser friend I would love to add punish to...
  • NerfZone187NerfZone187 Member Posts: 742
    What's going on here?

    Did someone say lasagna

    - Garfield
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