Epic Morgan's Staff

@Kaz there is any chance that we can see the epic version of Morgan's staff with razor trait in the trade goods shop?


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    i worry about my account, what others do with there account is there business....there was a thing here about band camp and flutes possibly involving someone but edited nothing to see here move along
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    @tdiddy Love the new avatar. Kick ass group!
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    $15 legendary staff thats a good offer
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    @Fluxxx is there any chance that we can see the Morgan's Staff in the Trade Shop?

    Sorry, we won't be selling the staff there.
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    @Fluxxx how about a compromise? Epic and no razor?


    I doubt that would impact sales since players will probably only spend money on razor weapons nowadays.
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    I think this subject should be dropped, we have received an answer already.
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    @ShadowWalker Is the special functionality of the staff the main reason that you want it in TG?

    What we want to have is special functionality weapons to be linked with bigger events, such as the seasonal campaigns and GW (once that is in place).

    In general, the situation it’s not so black and white. I agree that having special functionality weapons available for all players increases fun and variety, but there’s a significant demographic that would settle for a TG Morgan’s staff over buying one, whereas they would buy one if it wasn’t available in TG.

    But as of right now, TG shop and special weapons is not happening.
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 1,083

    Fluxxx said:

    But as of right now, there’s no plans for the TG shop and special weapons.

    Got you @Fluxxx . If i'm not mistaken that is your way of saying it will be available next week. ;)
    Made an edit 😝
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 871

    I totally get wanting to save special weapons for events and guild wars, I am a big fan of the events and they keep getting better so I thank NG for that.

    The original post was asking about an epic staff with Razor, which is pretty powerful for a "free" weapon so I can understand NG hesitating on that. I was asking about a non-Razor staff for TG because that has actually been done before in the past. I have a level 26 hockey stick and level 21 staff which were purchased for trade goods before Razor was even a trait.

    NG still offers the epic Dixie BBQ on occasion for TG, which is a special function weapon so I don't see why a non-Razor staff couldn't be offered again at some point.

    However, If NG doesn't think it makes sense to offer that type of staff anymore then I'm not going to argue against that.
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