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"We will fight, and we will bleed... and yet I smile. We shall face men, some cornered into their roles by circumstance, some desperate murderers thrilled by blood. We shall end them all. As is our charge this day. ... And yet, I smile." —Ezekiel

The long-awaited Guild Wars have finally arrived, and now it's time for you and your closest friends to venture out into battle. Will you seek glory, prizes, domination, or all three? Read on to learn more about Guild Wars and all that No Man's Land version 3.0 has to offer!

⚔️Guild Wars
Are you ready to face off against other guilds in a heart-pounding competition? Better question: is your Guild ready?

Guild Wars are an all-new experience for all players of No Man's Land who are in a Guild and who have reached Council level 12 or higher. This feature includes new Gas and Rewards currencies, new scores, leaderboards, and new items to collect that are unique to this game mode only. A basic description is detailed below, and more information can be found in-game on the Guild Screen in the Guild Wars tab, or by tapping the Guild Wars game mode button in the Mission Hub.

❄️Winter "Walker Wonderland" Campaign
Winter has arrived in your camp along with a heavy blanket of snow and a new reward campaign for you to enjoy! The Winter Walker Wonderland campaign runs from December 12th to January 2nd, and will allow you to earn some awesome rewards by playing various game modes like Challenge, Distance, and the Daily Quests! Prizes include the popular winter weapons like the Snow Shovel and Hockey Stick, as well as an all-new Shooter Weapon: the Winter Bow [see below].

New Hero: Huntsman Daryl
Daryl wasn't always a long-haired Hero. This new version of Daryl recalls his days as a young game hunter and trapper in the woods of the American South. As a Scout, he is nimble and deadly. His Hero Trait, Prowl, will bring a new set of tactics into your battles with walkers and human enemies:

"Prowl: Daryl is not attacked by walkers when he moves past them, and will attack the first one he passes for [70-200]% of normal damage. Daryl has a [50-100]% chance to sneak up on human enemies when moving and not trigger their Overwatch attacks. As a leader, Scouts, Bruisers, and Warriors gain these bonuses."

Huntsman Daryl unlocks as an Epic Hero, and will only be available as a reward in the Guild Shop. Guilds that work together to play the new Guild Wars game mode will be the first to unlock and play with this awesome new Hero!

New Weapons
Warriors are getting a new way to carve up some walkers: a chainsaw! This weapon has several unique characteristics, but the most exciting is the ripping double attack. Each time you attack an enemy, you will register two separate hits, essentially doubling your damage output for each attack. While the normal attack targets a single enemy, the Charge Attack swings in a wide arc similar to Sword weapons, and will hit each enemy twice as it does so. This makes the weapon perfect for tearing down enemy tank walkers or freemen. Additionally, critical hits scored by the Chainsaw will ignore any damage resistance that the target may have, so you'll be landing some very big damage numbers against Survivors in Guild Wars or the new Metalhead walkers.

The Chainsaw will only be available as a reward in Guild Wars, so make plans to team up with your Guild to work together towards earning your Warrior's favorite new weapon.

A Bruiser weapon unlike any other, the focus of this massive sword is not to stun, but to kill. This weapon deals far more damage than any other Bruiser weapon, but can only stun enemies with the Smash Charge Attack. Coupled with traits like Punish, your Bruisers will be the toughest melee damage dealers around.

Winter Bow
The new reward for the Winter Walker Wonderland campaign, the Winter bow is a Shooter weapon that offers incredible tactical options. When a Shooter attacks with the weapon before they have moved during their turn, they will be now able to make a short move after the attack. In this way, the Shooter still gets one attack and one move per turn, but can use the actions in a new way to maintain a safe distance from enemies, or to attack first and open doors or crates second. Earn your Winter Bow by playing in the Winter Walker Wonderland campaign starting on December 12th!

Combat Additions
Tactical Trait
This is a new melee weapon Trait that will be appearing on weapons found in the Shop, as well as from reward crates throughout the game. It offers melee characters some damage reduction, and also the ability to move after making an attack if the character did not move before the attack was made. This works well with traits like Power Strike and Defensive Stance, as well as making Punish and Retaliate strategies easier to use. Your melee survivors can be a bit braver and charge to the front, knowing that starting a turn near the enemy actually gives them more options, not fewer.

Metalhead Walker
Eugene was on to something when he covered the heads of walkers around Sanctuary in molten steel. We decided to follow his lead and have created our own Metalhead walkers for the new Guild Wars missions! These walkers deflect the shots of Hunter and Assault survivors, so that other enemies behind them will not be hit. This means you need to take them out first if you want to clean up the area behind them. Unfortunately, their metal coatings make them a bit resistant to damage, especially from bullets. To take them out efficiently, you will need to get a melee survivor up close; melee attacks get through most of the damage reduction.

Expect to face these new enemies in Guild Wars missions only [for now]. Are your melee survivors up to taking on this new menace?

Player Emblems
By visiting the Profile screen, players can now customize an emblem to represent them on leaderboards screens and in the Guild Wars game mode. Emblems are made from three elements: an icon, a color, and a border style. More than 100 different emblem styles are possible; choose the combo that reflects your personal style!

Guild Wars Introduction
Guild Wars are the biggest thing to happen in No Man's Land since Heroes were added to the game. In this game mode, guilds will engage in direct competition with each other during the Guild Wars events. All-new rewards, Leaderboards, and more are available - get your Guild together, it's time to go to war!

There are three important time periods when discussing Guild Wars:
  • A Battle is a single 50-minute match-up between two competing Guilds.
  • A War is a weekend event in which Battles can be played.
  • A Season is a two-month period in which Guilds accumulate Victory Points from all the Battles played in that time.
  • The first Season of Guild Wars will start on December 14th at around 15:00 UTC. This is the start of the first week of preparing for Guild Wars. Players can earn Guild Wars Gas from Challenge and Distance gameplay during this week.
The first Guild War event starts on Saturday, December 15th at 12:00 UTC.
New keys will be granted on Sunday, December 16th, at 08:00 UTC.
The event will end on Monday, December 17th, at 04:00 UTC.

During this time, guild members can sign up for and play in Guild Wars Battles.

Guild War events will occur every other weekend at these times. In this way, there will be four Guild War events over a period of two months. On Monday, January 28th, 2019, the final war of the first season will conclude. Players will be able to spend the Reward Points they have earned until February 5th, 2019, when the second Guild Wars Season begins and scores and Reward Points are reset.

Calendar Example Legend

Season 1 Start
Guild War Gas available
Guild Wars Event
Requirements and Resources
To play in the Guild Wars game mode, the following requirements must be met:
  • Players must be in a Guild
  • Players of Council Level 12 and above can access Guild Wars
  • A Guild Wars event must be ongoing [see Schedule, above]
  • Between 7 and 10 members of a Guild must all register for the Battle before it begins
  • One Key [a new resource] will be spent by each participant when they enter the battle.
    • Players will get 3 Keys each day during the Guild Wars event.
  • Each Guild Wars mission will cost one GW Gas [which is separate from normal Gas].
    • Players will get 5 free GW Gas at the start of each Season
    • GW Gas can be found as rewards in the Distance and Challenge in the week leading up to the Guild Wars event
    • The first 5 GW Gas spent by a player in the Battle will be refunded at the end of the Battle.
      • The free GW Gas and the refund work together to make sure you can always play and aid your Guild whenever they go into Battle!
  • Play and complete Missions to earn Victory Points [VP] for your Guild
    • The Guild that earns the most VP during the Battle will win
    • Victorious Guilds earn a multiplier to the VP that they earn as a prize for winning
    • All VP earned over the course of the Season add up and can increase the Guilds' Tier, which unlocks new rewards in the Guild Shop
  • Completing missions also earns Reward Points for that player
    • These can be spent by a player in the Guild Shop to claim prizes
    • Reward Points are not lost if a player leaves their Guild
    • Winning a Battle adds a multiplier to all Reward Points earned in that Battle by members of the winning Guild!

    For more information, please check the Guild Screen, the Guild Wars game mode, and the FAQ in-game.
    Please experiment, try new things, talk to your Guild, and work together to find out how to best compete in Guild Wars!

    Bugs and Improvements
    Badges and new Heroes
    With the addition of new hero versions of existing characters, it's important to make sure that the Badges that players have crafted work well in their teams. To make the addition of new Hero versions to your roster easier to build around, any version of Rick [original or Survivalist] will count as 'Rick' for the purposes of badge bonuses. The same is true for the two versions of Morgan, Daryl, Glenn, and any other future character with multiple versions.

    Mystery Tokens
    Since the release of 2.12, players would occasionally receive "Mystery Tokens" from token crates earned in the Challenge or from Daily Quests. These tokens were actually Huntsman Daryl tokens in disguise! We have corrected the issue, and players will see that they may already possess some Huntsman Daryl tokens in their inventories. Additionally, the error which caused "Mystery Tokens" to appear in the first place has been corrected.

    Trait Adjustments
    Survivalist Rick's "Lead by Example"
    The Lead by Example trait was awarding too many Charge Points when a character hit many enemies with a single Charge Attack. This has been corrected so that the Trait now works as described in the tooltip; only one bonus Charge Point will be awarded per Charge attack, no matter how many enemies were attacked.

    Aaron's "Teamwork"
    Aaron's Hero Trait was difficult for players to track, especially when many enemies were attacked at once. This has been corrected; now, the Teamwork bonus will be applied whenever any enemy is attacked, if that enemy had been previously attacked since the start of the turn. This will apply to attacks made outside of your turn, such as Overwatch and Retaliate, as well.

    This trait was working incorrectly when there were enemy humans that possessed the Trait. The trait has been corrected such that it will trigger now at the start of the Punish Trait owner's turn, as described by the tooltip.

    Overwatch, Revenge, and Retaliate
    Changes made in 2.12 to make these game mechanics work together had unwanted effects and were reverted. These issues have been sorted, and so we are now releasing the fixed version of this interaction. Now, survivors that make an Overwatch attack on the enemy turn are not precluded from also making a Retaliate or Revenge attack before the next turn begins.
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