Upgrade to multiple items

It would be nice to upgrade multiple components of the game at once which would help level up and build experience points. Example up grading 3 of my 4 crops, training more than one survivor at a time and upgrading more than one building at a time.


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    Oh Great! I was actually about to post regarding multiple upgrades. We really do need it bad! ×_×
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    I cant think of any logical reason why they capped it at 1

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    logical reason would be; there are only 1 carpenter to build and upgrade buildings and only 1 blacksmith to upgrade weapons/gears. there is a scarcity of skilled workers in apocalyptic world.. that's what the mods says, atleast..

  • BlackroseBlackrose Member Posts: 5
    The logical reason is they want you to buy the gold to spread up your upgrade times or to do it instantly and go on upgrading your next thing
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    Later on this is literally a complete impossibility due to the sheer expense related with upgrading high level items. Literally each upgrade costs more than half of your total XP pool, so you flat out wouldn't be able to do two upgrades at once.
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