Profanity in Game

WeishenWeishen Member Posts: 59
My kid play sometimes with my account and he found this!!!
I cant tolerate in a game to see such people like this..
Developpers i will appreciate if you banish this player coz he doesnt respect the rules...
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  • @Itsfoxy tap their name then change it
  • ItsfoxyItsfoxy Member Posts: 9
    i8azmbe said:

    @Itsfoxy tap their name then change it

    Oh man..thank you! You made my day!
  • hANNIBALhANNIBAL Member Posts: 20
    How? I would name mine ?....?....?...2!
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,580
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    Sorry your kid had to see this @Weishen. We're looking in to name filtering for a future update to avoid instances like this.
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  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    Dont apologize @teecezy_NML children shouldn't be playing this game.
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  • DeathwishDeathwish Member Posts: 38
    Itsfoxy said:

    What...we can change our players names? How?

    Well at least this thread served some kind of purpose.

    I thought the names were hilarious even though it is silly. What kind of survivor is named My or Suck? Lol..

    Don't forget this is supposed to be a 17+ rated game people.

  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    I get the mature rating - but even us mature people would rather not see explicit material. I wouldn't even repeat the name of the player I raided yesterday. XXX rated. I could live without seeing that.
    It was much worse than those survivor names.
    Yes it's the Internet. Yes it's rated mature. But I don't go purposely searching for porn - would rather not see reference to it when in public forum and places. JMO

  • WeishenWeishen Member Posts: 59
    Guys is this tour first game you are playing? In a lot of games rudes names are banish from the game.
    I agree its 17+, but nowadays kids plays GTA, so this game is nothing and non violent. I found it more strategic...
    If we allow stanges names or rudes conversations it dont give a good picture from the game..
    U really laugh by seeing this kind of games?
    Saying we are using internet is not an excuse.. We can still be civilized..
    Its my point of view..
    Its says 17+ u guys know uounger kid plays and even they make purchase..
    I hope devs notice this kind of behaviour..
    So its ok tonput a name like this? Coz in that case in the forum i will also be rude like this player..
  • I can understand the F bomb dropped here and there for a mature rating.. But sexual innuendos are uncalled for. I am an adult and don't need to see that stuff!! Where do you draw the line? It could get much worse than just this one. Just my 2 cents.
  • NateNate Member Posts: 110
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    Lol this post has given me a good laugh.
    Not like I'd do anything like that, but I never had the imagination to think of doing something like that.

    A name filter sounds like the best way to go about it.
    As long as nothing changes in regards to allowing us to change our surivovors names.
    I wouldn't want something like this to have an effect on that.

    Also @Weishen, you should have read the rating first prior to downloading, especially if you have a child that plays games on your phone with or without your permission.
    And if you haven't already I think You should also have a password/passcode lock on your phone to stop your child from using it without your permission.

    Here is a screen shot included of the Rating of Walking dead no mans land in the App Store just before you go to purchase the app.

    As you see it states 17+, mild profanity and crude humour and intense realistic violence.
    I don't think that's a game you should be allowing your young child to play.

    And With saying that, I hope eventually a filter comes into play to stop this from occurring again.

    There are a few major issues/bugs at the moment that support are working on to.
    So that will be the first thing on their list before anything else :)
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  • Cherokee_RoseCherokee_Rose NML Moderator Posts: 795
    @Weishen Do you let your kids play GTA? That game has language, pimps slap prostitutes, and your characters can pay to have sex with prostitutes.
  • DrBOBDrBOB Member Posts: 223

    @Weishen I'm not sure what you consider violence, but this is not a non-violent game. Also, the forum is already full of angry people, so if you want to become one yourself just because we disagree with you or you may not get what you want, well, you're in the right place... Certainly that is an example for your child you should be less concerned about than a few harmless words.

    There are some very uptight people here. Nobody is asking for people to post "sexual innuendos (FYI: "Suck My Dick" is pretty forward--not an innuendo @insanityx3), but we are asking not to be censored over something so silly. Nobody should be offended or disturbed by the limited number of characters available to survivor names. Stiffen up those back bones if one person's idea of humor doesn't suit your tastes, and remember they're just words from a faceless nobody with no intended direction.

    Dan what a great post buddy I couldn't agree more and @Weishen man up Jesus
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    Send me a PM if interested
  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    Each site is different but, as I understand it, the forum staff decide what level of decorum and manners we should have and, if that level doesn't work for someone, that someone is welcome to leave. Am I misunderstanding it?

  • ceoofognceoofogn Member Posts: 27
    Please respect the 17+ rating. Be a responsible parent.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,774
    Dale said:

    Each site is different but, as I understand it, the forum staff decide what level of decorum and manners we should have and, if that level doesn't work for someone, that someone is welcome to leave. Am I misunderstanding it?

    @Dale, it's not the forum but the game. In a game where you kill things and blow up things, people get offended by words or creative use of words. It's 17+, so if your child isn't 17+, shouldn't be looking or playing the game.
  • Just shows maturity level of people choosing to do this, all I am saying! TWD show is rated M for mature but you don't hear this stuff from the show! Again just my 2 cents. I honestly don't care what people choose to name their survivors. I have come across some pretty crude names while raiding, and I just ignore it. But as for the OP, I agree if she doesn't want her children exposed to it they need to keep them off the game!
  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    Gawd help if anyone changes their players name to room, let alone bitch.
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