Recent 40 radio calls

Hi, this is a good game,

Please make radio calls more worthwhile, at least give something we paid for after having bought IAP which I, I believe many other players as well, thought paid for the things we needed or wanted to buy.
I used 280 radio, gave me nothing. Not even a single Michonne token.
(I also need Jesus token, Jerry token.)

First 40 radio call gave me 0 hero token. (0-0-0)
Second 40 radio call gave me 32 Morgan again.(32-0-0)
Third 40 radio call gave me 32 Gabriel and 32 Morgan. (32-32-0)
Fourth 40 radio call gave me 32 Morgan. (32-0-0)

Fifth sixth and seventh are also either 32 Morgan or 32 Gabriel. (32-0-0;32-0-0;32-0-32)

Not to offend, but I do feel cheated a bit because that’s not what I used 10 USD plus 26 USD real money to have bought those radio for.

I have usually been spending up to hundreds of USD or preparing to spend 30 here 50 there constantly to buy radios, but it is just either the hero I wanted or needed rarely appear on offer after weeks of waiting or they appear on offer and I never actually acquire them after I thought I have spent money for them, which really is for nothing.

Not only about this app of course, but also many other apps in App Store, seems to have this problem (or it is not considered a “problem” now, but in furture): lack of distinction between what IAP makes us believe we are buying for and what we actually get.

And that distinction even keeps changing usually within same app: you get something from a IAP in the first time, and the second time you get nothing you would normally expect according to previous experience of the same IAP, not because of random chances, but because contents or chances or both are changed either slightly or a lot and players are not clearly or fully aware of it and bought it only because of limited precedent experienc.

It is a good game itself. I just want to share my long term frustration with IAP in general.

Thanks for reading.

Kind regard,


  • Michonor23Michonor23 Member Posts: 69
    I agree with the frustrations for the 40 calls. I don’t do them anymore after getting all 32 token for hero or survivor. And the hero wasn’t even one of the featured! I understand there are percentages involved and so on but spending so many radios and getting nothing worthwhile is annoying. While it seems on paper that the 40 call is the better investment, the results never seem to match up. I try to save for double token calls instead but the days on end of 40 calls is annoying.
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    You mentioned that you got no hero tokens on your first 40 call but hero tokens are guaranteed. :|

    The only way you could have got no hero tokens is by re-spinning a hero token result after your first spin. ;)
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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,000
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    Yeah I can understand the frustration. The only advice I can give is if you want Jerry/Jesus tokens, the best thing to do is to save your radios and wait for a dedicated double token gold call. Those are by far the best way to bump up your favourite hero. The other suggestion is to avoid spending real money on something that is essentially down to chance. Even if you have it in your head that you know it's down to luck, if you get bad results like this it will always leave you frustrated.

    If I'm going to pay for something I choose things I know exactly what I'm paying for. Like a gas booster or weapons with pre-determined traits such as Morgan's staff, Daryl's knife etc.
  • general2673general2673 Member Posts: 39
    I had forgotten about the seasons missions until this weekend and grinded on them. Got an ungodly amount of phones. In the 40 hero call I got lucky with some calls and unlucky with others. It's luck of the draw and with so many heroes it's hard to target any hero even if a higher percentage is granted to that specific hero, the other hero's by sheer numbers could easily make it so u don't get what u want. If a hero chance is boosted double from 20 to 40 percent there is still 60 percent chance you will get something completely different. My advice is to go with the 40 calls and lock heroes when u roll em. Over time you will get what you want.personaly I'm not picky with heroes. Darryl Abraham and negan/Jesus make up my main hit squad and all but one are legendary now. Just remember that raising odds is not the same thing as a gurrentee. Don't be picky and you should enjoy the rolls more. Distance gives 2 types of heroes if you complete it. If they reset season missions again that's another bunch if bassically every hero, hero token crates from quests and challenges etc.
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