Do you think that There should be 10 Guild war gas in each distance just like Stevie said?

In the update on guild war info Stevie clearly wrote 10 guild war gas from the distance on Tuesday and 10 guild war gas from the distance on Saturday . Awesome new add to the game but maybe NG should stick with what they said they would do please voteye

Do you think that There should be 10 Guild war gas in each distance just like Stevie said? 14 votes

Yes NG should stick with what Stevie put in the post 10 per each distanceTuesday and Saturday
BuckzzHerbergeSCBMAbigbeanoromeoAustin_ShiongTeenahGeeOssirisBillbamMrKaplan 10 votes
No It is NG game and they have a right to adjust things as they see fit
Yes and worse yet the half cost of resetting the distance now feels like a scam.
jesterWiseoldgamerFahqbendoverhaydenfisher 4 votes


  • WiseoldgamerWiseoldgamer Member Posts: 32
    Yes and worse yet the half cost of resetting the distance now feels like a scam.
    I vote yes and worse yet half cost on a distance reset now feels like a scam.
    Strangely enough I saw the half price on distance rests and the first thing I though was
    “awesome 20 guild war gas for 200 gold and some time.” “That must be because of Christmas “
    When I opened up the distance and saw five I was very disappointed.
    Great new game mode so much so I bought gas last time, was planning on buying gas this time if needed. No way now . Is my frustration coming though yet.
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    Reading your poll post it almost seems like you're saying NG went back on their word of 10 GW gas in the distance.

    But there is 10 GW gas in The Distance. ;)

    *Ok, 5 GW gas in Normal mode. I guess that could be a little misleading. Fair enough.
    My apologies.
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    It would've been nice to have 10 GW gas in the normal mode of distance as well. Maybe it's still a chance to add the GW gas to tanks for those players that played normal mode today.

    GW Gas 
    Guild Wars Gas is available throughout the game for all players to collect or earn for free from the following locations:5 GW Gas at the start of each season*
    5 used GW Gas refunded after every Battle
    10 GW Gas collected from the Distance on Tuesday before the War begins*
    10 GW Gas collected from the Saturday Distance
    20 GW Gas from personal Star rewards in the Challenge during Guild War weeks*
    [* These values were different for the very first War event]
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  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    In order to get all 60 winter tokens, players (like me on my alt accounts) who can only manage normal Distance will need to finish it.

    Why can't the same be done for GW gas?

    Put the last 5 on mission 21.

    It would still mean investing more green gas in order to get the red gas, though.

    The effort to get to level 15 on hard for players with 24s or 25s is minimal. Can't see anyone of that level spending more gas than a lower level player would spend to get to 21 (so putting it at a lower level would actually be more fair to be honest).

    There are some things I don't get about Distance, for example why it is equally expensive to reset both Distance versions when the hard one is worth so much more tokens and other rewards, even if you never finish it, even if you only make it to the first set of Aaron tokens...
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    Well I took it as 10 GW gas for hard mode as that’s what it was last war and I didn’t see anything that indicated any improvement of the GW fuel economy. I’m not buying this week at $10 a pop...
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