how do they calculate critdmg and dmg with badges

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hey folks,
there is an old thread about calculation of critdmg and dmg, but im not sure,if it is up to date.can anybody help?


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    Last time I checked for damage.
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    But as said in my previous post, the damage calculation changed for heroes.
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    thank you
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    Thnx @The_Jer for posting his value's in the overwatch thread.

    In the update before last. Text was added to explain what damage got affected by certain traits.
    One of the "changes" was marksman/strong, it affected the weapon in stead of the survivor.
    Another one was that Abraham and Jezus now affect total damage.

    Both were untrue until latest update.
    Now I can say for sure, marksman/strong indeed affects the weapon.

    This is good news! The weapon does almost double the damage the survivor does.
    It used to be --> marksman/strong 15% did about 5% extra damage.
    Now --> Marksman/strong 15% does about 10% extra damage.

    Abraham and jezus trait is still untrue unfortunately. It still only affects the survivor damage.
    So abraham 15% is actually just about 5% still. For Jezus it's the same.


    Ds = Damage survivor
    %H = % hero (for now I only know for sure it works like this for abe and jezus)
    Dw = Damage weapon
    %M = % marksman/Strong
    %L = % lethal
    B+ = sum of all +damage badges
    B% = sum of all %damage badges

    Damage = (Ds*(1+%H)+Dw*(1+%M)*(1+%L)+B+)*(1+B%)

    If you want to know your survivor damage (This is usually the only parameter you don't know)

    Ds = (Damage/(1+B%)-Dw*(1+%M)*(1+%L)-B+)/(1+%H)
    (if you remove the hero than you don't need the end divide Ds = Damage/(1+B%)-Dw*(1+%M)*(1+%L)-B+ )

    in that thread is not thought about herotraits like merls or aarons increasing the weapondamage. how would you think the formula is to change?
    my guess is like this....

    Damage = (Ds*(1+%H)+Dw*(1+%M + %H )*(1+%L)+B+)*(1+B%)
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    It's either that, or as a separate multiplier.

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    You'd need a lot of data-gathering to distinguish the two.
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    thats even better. did somebody check it
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    I Think after @Monsuta there haven't been many thrue data gatherers publicy sharing data.

    The problem with these 2 options is that the difference is really small. Having 15% marksman and 40% rick for example.
    It is a difference of +55% or +61%

    Now concider there is a deviation of about 25% ( relative !),
    First one could be in between 116 and 194% damage for first possibility vs
    120 and 200% for the other one...
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