PSA Marksman/Strong is now really affecting the weapon

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Thnx @The_Jer for posting his value's in the overwatch thread.

In the update before last. Text was added to explain what damage got affected by certain traits.
One of the "changes" was marksman/strong, it affected the weapon in stead of the survivor.
Another one was that Abraham and Jezus now affect total damage.

Both were untrue until latest update.
Now I can say for sure, marksman/strong indeed affects the weapon.

This is good news! The weapon does almost double the damage the survivor does.
It used to be --> marksman/strong 15% did about 5% extra damage.
Now --> Marksman/strong 15% does about 10% extra damage.

Abraham and jezus trait is still untrue unfortunately. It still only affects the survivor damage.
So abraham 15% is actually just about 5% still. For Jezus it's the same.


Ds = Damage survivor
%H = % hero (for now I only know for sure it works like this for abe and jezus)
Dw = Damage weapon
%M = % marksman/Strong
%L = % lethal
B+ = sum of all +damage badges
B% = sum of all %damage badges

Damage = (Ds*(1+%H)+Dw*(1+%M)*(1+%L)+B+)*(1+B%)

If you want to know your survivor damage (This is usually the only parameter you don't know)

Ds = (Damage/(1+B%)-Dw*(1+%M)*(1+%L)-B+)/(1+%H)
(if you remove the hero than you don't need the end divide Ds = Damage/(1+B%)-Dw*(1+%M)*(1+%L)-B+ )



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    Is there any math available that tells me if I shall add three %dmg badges or 1 +dmg and 2 %dmg Badges ? There must be an optimum, or ?
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    There is something to consider.
    Let's say you have 3 20% damage badges.

    First one will increase your total by 20%,
    second one 16.7%,
    the third one will be 14.3%.


    Now if you have fe a 1000 badge.
    Let's say this badge is 11% extra damage (smaller than the %badges). If you take the 2 20% badges you have 140% damage.
    This includes the +damage badge, now doing 1400.
    It will count as a 15.4% boost!

    So in that case @JackBauer ,

    The third badge should be the +1000 damage badge. Because of the 2 20% badges, it becomes 1400.

    A regular formula to determine this? I'll think about. You need to appreciate the entire damage calculation to use such a formula.
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    Maybe some general assumptions like most people will have blue damage badges with 14-19% damage increase and mostly blue +damage badges with 300-500 damage.
    Maybe it’s clear that three times 16% is better then 2x16 + 500 ?
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    1/(1.48-1.32)*500*1.32= 4125

    3 times .16+1 = 1.48
    2 times .16+1 = 1.32
    500 is the damage badge

    If damage without the badges is higher than 4125, then it is more lucrative to have 3 % badges. Otherwise 2 % and 1 + is better.

    General formula.

    1/(more%-less%)*(+badge(s))*less% = minum (badgeless) damage to take the more % badges option.

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  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 1,994
    Conclusion, in general. Assaults lvl24 are real good having 2 %badges and 1 +badges.

    From my own experience.

    To really know what fits, you do need to do some calculating your options...
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    Thanks @jimmorrison369.
    Considering a 19% weapon damage boost to weapon for level 27 to 28 ( i couldn't find a level 28 assault weapon damage value but hunter rifle has risen by 19%) i had tried to make some calculations.
    In conclussion, i think flat damage badges became (almost) obsolete with the update.
    Exception other than bruisers is assault with 3 damage badges. 1 flat and 2% damage badge seems about equal to 3x % badges
    My approximate calculation:
    3x 19% DB -> ~7730 assault damage
    620 flat and 2x 19% -> ~7770 assault damage
    2x620 and 19% -> ~ 7460 assault damage
    Marksman assault and the highest value legendary badges i have were taken into account but those may give an idea.
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    I think my brain will melt if I try and follow some of those formulas! Think I'm just going to keep putting my best badges on my best people and see what happens...
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    Thanks for the damage formula! Even though it doesn't mostly give exactly the same figures as shown in the game, it mostly is quite close. But sometimes it is quite a bit off. For example Rosita, who I now have at level 20 and 5 stars (survivor damage 616), should with a unupgraded lvl 20 weapon (damage 645) and 12% marksman have a damage of 616 + 645*1,12 = 1338. But in-game the damage is displayed as 1404. I have a non-hero as leader, so there should not be any such effect. Any ideas what is going on? I even started a mission to make sure no old possible effects might remain displayed.
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    @Burmeliinis, you thought Rosita is a regular assault damage.

    But rosita does more base damage. Don't want to dive in to deep. In your particular case.

    616/1.4*1.55= 682
    Rosita base damage for 5 star lvl 20 is 682.

    682 + 1.12*645 = 1404
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    Thanks @jimmorrison369 , one more thing I didn't know. Too bad I didn't know this during the previous badge change event, I might have done it a bit differently then.
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