Guild wars adjustments and updates for the next war (January 12).

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Hey everyone!

Some updates about the next war:

Balance changes:
- The required number of players to start a battle is now reduced to 6.
- Gas for gold in the Trade Shop available both on Saturday and Sunday. Each offer can be only purchased once. (5 gas for 300 gold and 20 gas for 1000 gold).
- Big Guild Wars Gas Bundle has now 25 Guild Wars Gas.
- 10 Guild Wars Gas also in the Normal Distance.
- 5 Guild Wars gas at 420 and 800 stars, and 10 GWGas at 1000 stars in the Challenges.

Known bugs update:
- Guilds stuck on the Register/Withdraw screen.
UPDATE: Should be fixed now. If you are still experiencing the same issue, send me a private message with your in-game name and guild name.

- 2 Keys used in one battle
We've heard that some players used 2 keys in a single battle. The issue is still under investigation.

- Victory Points weren't counted.
It's related to the issue above. It occurred only in one battle and with a couple of players. This is also under investigation.

- Increased number of disconnects
We've got a few reports and we still need to investigate it. It might be related to the fact that we had to restart the server to apply some changes today, but we are not yet sure at the moment.

- Fighting guilds with less than 7 players (under investigation)
We identified that it's actually a visual issue. So the guild you are fighting against has actually 7 (or more) the name of some players are not visible due to some server error.

- Fighting a guild that has more than 10 players (under investigation)
That's a different issue and we are still investigating it.

- Some gas from the distance was being incorrectly counted on the interface (but it was correct in the game)
It's a visual issue. Restarting the game should fix it. We should have a fix for that in the next update.

- Weird behavior fighting Metal Head Walkers (not being able to kill the walkers in front of a Metal Walker with Hunters)
Fixed in 3.1.

- "Upcoming Battle needs players" message popping up after the war.
That's because of the workaround we made to solve the players getting stuck on the registering screen. Hopefully, we'll have it fixed in 3.1.
To avoid that, you can withdraw before the end of the war. The message delivery stops being sent around Tuesday 19:00 UTC.

- Never-ending missions (broken objectives).
There's a remote chance for it to happen, we are still working on it to see if we can fix it for the next battle still, but

Future Plans
- We will be monitoring the next battles still to see how these changes affect our results. This is not definitive and we are still open for changes. We don't want to make anything big at the moment and ending up in a situation where we would have to nerf stuff. :P

- Many bugs are already reported and hopefully, we'll have a fix for many of them in the next update.

Thanks again for all the feedback and for all the battles played! :)
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  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,436
    Wasn’t it 1000 gold for 20 GW gas in the TG shop?
  • titustitus Member Posts: 92
    I like the 10 gaz at 1000 stars!
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,605
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    > @titus said:
    > I like the 10 gaz at 1000 stars!

    Oh yeah missed that, so don't need as many stars. Hehe sorry @Romeo slacking resumed.

    But still, off week to collect gas makes more sense?

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  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,213
    That's a shame, was hoping for a bit more free gas, maybe could have added the 10 at 1000 and left the 10 at 1300 too. I'm guessing that NG is raking it in with gas sales.
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,647
    edited January 2019

    So now each prep week you get 40 gas from the distance with 15 gas from challenges and 30 gas from guild shop and 50 gas from normal shop for a total of 140 gas each war weekend without buying the bundle in gold shop.

    This means I can do 4 proper wars

    Probably making a video!

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  • xyf80xyf80 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 61
    30 gas from guild shop is one time deal @General_Pain do not count that one every war.
    20 (or 40 with reset) distance+20 (challenges)= 40 GW gas still is a lame even from active player. Using gold? Nah, that was not a option
  • sousou Member Posts: 370

    hello @Kaz why i have 1/3 keys 🤔
    todays date: 2019/01/8
    thank you.

    twd no mans land player name : sou
    guild name: A new frontier
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,647
    @xyf80 I was told it resets at the start of each war

    Probably making a video!

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  • WarlordWarlord Member Posts: 166
    Kaz said:

    We don't want to make anything big at the moment and ending up in a situation where we would have to nerf stuff. :P

    It can't be any worse than the nerf that the gas has caused on the whole event :p
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    edited January 2019
    xyf80 said:

    30 gas from guild shop is one time deal @General_Pain do not count that one every war.
    20 (or 40 with reset) distance+20 (challenges)= 40 GW gas still is a lame even from active player. Using gold? Nah, that was not a option

    The Gas in Guild Wars shop is available every war. (It resets)
    Not a one time offer.

    *10 GW in shop though, not 30
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  • RaekonRaekon Member Posts: 33
    Hope for a 4 or 5 sign ups per war even 6 is better than nothing.
    All People that wrote about it asked for 4 or 5 max, yet they sadly won't go that way.
    Oh well....
    You don't have to complain too much about the gas guys, it's obvious that they are doing it so people will use more gold or real Money for Gold.
    It's normal to have such limitations in a game with in game Shops though. They have to make a living out of the game after all.
    For us is Entertainment, for them it is work. They can't give us everything for free or with the only cost being time spending in the game.
  • goldenboygoldenboy Member Posts: 14
    Sorry but😷

    It’s a game, we should have FUN!
  • DrhooDrhoo Member Posts: 133
    I only got 2x 5 red gas on hard distance
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