Guild hopping during Guild Wars.

Why is guild hopping allowed during guild wars? Player and guild should lose all challenge stars for that player if they leave and return to a guild during a challenge.


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    Had a player could not play all weekend got stars but unable to do GW. Wasted 3 keys a day. Locked out others from playing with only 6 players left on last day. Could have had 2-3 more battles on Sunday. We can scrambled to get players but could not. Lost out on rewards. Who’s fault? What could we do.
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    I lead / help manage a large Family where I Guild hop constantly to visit / oversee other Guilds to give my players the best possible playing experience possible for over 3 years & I should lose my Challenge stars as a Thank you for all the hard work I do! I don't think so Buddy!
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    > @SCBMA said:
    > I think GW should work like the challenge...only the first 20 contributors are counted in the guild total. It kind of defeats the “intent” of guild versus guild in a war if one guild consists of 20 stable players and the opposing guild is 60 players rotating in and out.

    It doesn't defeat any "intent" unless your "intent" is to keep all the Fun & Rewards to yourself. Guild rotation makes sure everyone gets in on the action & let's everyone from the smallest of Guild to the biggest of Guild all have a turn.
    GW is very hard & time consuming to manage. Not all Leaders can do that so those of use that can, do our part by taking on a few extra people to help out because that's what a Family does & always will no matter the playing field.
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    > @Governator said:
    > Can a top-tier guild letting players rotate in and out let me in for about 20 minutes to do some shopping in the GW Shop? I promise I won't speak to any of the guild members. :sunglasses:

    No it does not allow that. Tried it out and only lets you have access to what you did and helped with in that guild and can only get one time in your shop.
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    But players do come together in guilds to take on top guild such as DTP as will happen here too. But what’s the difference? Only thing that changes is maybe someone like me is just jumping on that band wagon first. I have already have plans to go on a “War Tour” in your guilds next season. Fun stuff. Drop some Guilds with you and bounce. What’s the difference for a weekend warrior??? It takes massive coordination to pull off a stunt like getting ahead on the leaderboard. Then you have to do it again the next War. No one got time for that! But I can manage that in my schedule if anyone wants to. Lol.
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    > @Jenng said:
    > Hopping or whatever you gotta do, as long as there’s standards, I’ll be cool.

    Lol don’t knock it till you try it!!! (For everyone) Come over and use a key and fight one battle with me just for the heck of it! Then you can say you did it. No harm. How about late Sunday, I’ll save a key and wait for you. Anytime Sunday works.
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    > @Bill_ZRT said:
    > No it does not allow that. Tried it out and only lets you have access to what you did and helped with in that guild and can only get one time in your shop.
    > Yes it does.... you're just doing it wrong (missing one step). :wink:

    Speak of no evil!!! Lol.
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    One battle = shopping spree!
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