Either one of these bruisers worth risking the 5th trait?


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    Not really.

    Ideal traits would be,
    Iron Skin, Punish, Retaliate, Dodge and Lucky.


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  • Aussom_PossumAussom_Possum Member Posts: 31
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    If Sandra got retaliate or Jesse got punish they'd both make solid bruisers. Sandra would be missing dodge but you could make up for this with armour. Jesse would need some really good badges to get to 80% as he wouldn't have iron skin.

    But it's quite a risk spending 730 tokens looking for one particular trait.
  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 807
    Do you have other Bruisers at Legendary? If I were in your shoes and didn't have a Legendary Bruiser I would roll the dice on Sandra. Every camp should have a solid non-Hero Bruiser in it in my opinion. There is really only one trait that I would be absolutely gutted and in turn scrap her immediately out of frustration (Bullet Dodge). Anything other than Bullet Dodge and I'd make the argument that she is a solid "first Bruiser". I wouldn't necessarily invest in making her Pink unless you rolled Retaliate as her 5th trait as @WellyLuga mentioned. Good luck in whatever decision you make!
  • Aussom_PossumAussom_Possum Member Posts: 31
    I do have a pink bruiser that I'm fond of. She has bullet dodge but she was one of the first non-hero survivors I got so I just stuck with her lol.
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    Sandra is definitely the better option to stick with, punish is an absolute necessity on a bruiser. All her other traits are pretty decent as well.

    Iron skin is nice on a bruiser as they are great “meat shields” and can take extra damage. I also love lucky on a non hero bruiser because I’ll pair them with Michonne or RGG to trigger leader traits. Power strike can be a useful trait, you just have to think about how you use the survivor (I think the new tactical trait on melee weapons might pair nicely with it)

    Getting retaliate on this bruiser would make her near unicorn status depending on your POV. But if you get dodge or strong, she would still be a very solid option. IMO even if she doesn’t get retaliate and gets one of those two, she will be better than your pink Anne. Bullet dodge rarely activates and I have never found vigilant very helpful on a bruiser.

    Definitely scrap Jesse though.

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    My unicorn would have defensive stance. So Def Stance, Punish, Retaliate, Iron Skin and Lucky. I know that you can get maximum damage reduction with badges, but at least for me damage reduction badges are few and far between so Def Stance gets you to that max reduction much faster. So I would scrap both of those.
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