Device dependent load times - unfair advantage/disadvantage?

We noticed in guild that loading times per mission range from 10+ seconds down to 1 second ... PER mission!

Speed or time have never been critical before - no other game mode requires rushing through against the clock
But GW most certainly is, at least in part, critically dependent on speed.
If confirmed, such differences in load times seem to create an unfair advantage /disadvantage which is insurmountable!

We've so far confirmed this between our guild members ... and for a couple of players with multiple devices (confirmed they see big differences in load times, depending on which one they use)

We noticed it because we have players of very similar ability & levels (compete closely in Challenge every week, for example) and with similar gas available ... most max out at 30 missions per battle, while one achieved 44 missions.
Such a huge difference cannot possibly be down to skill /luck /gas ... but must be driven by load speed (at least in part) seems totally impossible for most to play 40+ missions (regardless of tactics, skill or gas!)

Are we the only ones? Just mistaken perhaps?


  • clausLeneclausLene Member Posts: 58
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    In our house all the iOS is quick loading, and all the Android are slow loading. Game developed/optimize for iOS ??
  • ZetteZette Member Posts: 314
    In our guild, I think our fastest player has iPhone. I have 2 Android devices...a tablet andy phone. I've played for over 2 years on my tablet because my phone is smaller. But with the last update, my tablet being older, just can't handle playing GW's. The first battle I attempted on my tablet and with the loading times it takes just moving from area to area and trying to actually play a mission a nightmare! I think I managed to do maybe 6 missions and 1 of my guildmates (iPhone)was doing more than 20 missions per battle. So next battle, I used my phone to play and was able to do at least 20 missions! It's Android too but newer than my tablet. Some of my guildmates have older devices so I definitely understand their pain since there's so much difference in loading times between my 2 devices.
  • CronusCronus Member Posts: 1,082
    I'm pretty sure there's a lot of variation in load times. I'm in a hardcore guild and I'm clearing maps as fast as humanly possible. I also engage as many enemies as possible. I consistently have lower scores than most of my guild mates. I play on a Galaxy S7 and my home wi-fi is extremely fast (business speed) so connectivity is not the issue. I've been suspicious that it's load times as I've eliminated virtually anything else. I have an iPhone 8 Plus but haven't used that yet to play NML. Next step is to do so and see if that makes a difference. Based on my conversations within my guild, who use iPhones, my guess is I'll see the difference.
  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,741
    The struggle is real.
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,163

    ..........If your dreams include faster loading lol
  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 65
    I don't think it's only device dependent, as I've seen my tablet have varying loading times - good load speeds at about 2pm UTC, but really trails off at about 8pm UTC.
    And it's worth noting that the "Loading" please wait message appears both before a mission, and after completing it, and can sum up to over a minute in total per mission.
  • JCSinWDJCSinWD Member Posts: 83
    Thanks all - our Guild family has also confirmed noticeable load time differences between apple devices ... the clearest does seem to be Android slower, but as others are saying here ...connection and age of device seem to impact too

    @Kaz could you share a response from NG on this please?

    GW is fundamentally competitive ... such device limitations could totally break it's appeal (would be a shame as its such huge fun to play)
    So far in Guild we're confident that two equally matched teams, with one playing android and the other iOS, would not be anything like a fair context - iOS team would win every time
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