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    @Kaz thank you for your response and I understand and agree with what yiu are saying. It does feel strange to me to boycott you guys because I feel like I've been in a good relation with NG as a player and I wouldn't wanna change that. Reason why it happens though in my personal feeling is because gas issiue has been mentioned since day 1 and people have been open and loud about it every day and nothing has been really changed about gas except small increase in the bundle which is very minor and barely noticeable to be honest.

    I like what @crambert_nec said, to start with having gw gas in every challenge and the distance, not only every other week would be a very good start and possible solution to this, yet I haven't seen a response to that proposal anywhere.
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    @Kaz you say that you have "made adjustments" to next season and lack of guildwar gas is one of them. Care to elaborate? Only reason I ask is because In the next sentence you seem unconvinced that it will solve the issue. Honestly just letting us get the gas both weeks will certainly help.
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    @Kaz it's hard to be harsh on the game and criticise choices NG makes without it spilling bad vibes on you. And I'm yet to meet a player that does NOT see your importance on this community. So thanks, and sorry.

    And just not to derail from the topic completely: I don't mind playing with 5 gas because moving on to S2 I'll probably simply not play at all. The time restraint on GW ruins it more than the gas balance. On GW weekends, players are basically scheduling their lives based on the game. Is this seen as a good thing? It's stressing a lot. I feel like I have no option and I know many others on the same boat. And I fear people leaving 'cause of it. Balancing gas to very low amounts FOR ALL may be a "soft fix". Of course this leads to other changes. Anyway... The discussion is never ending.
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    From what I've seen and heard, they wanted it on the weekends.
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