Cohesive Fix to Gift Shop Mistakes



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    @PigBenis Chill out brohammed. There's plenty of pork left 😆
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    This thread should be yesterday
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    Life aint fair people, get used to it
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    > @vshield50 said:
    > > @suzequeue said:
    > > This thread should be yesterday
    > If it helps the customers and NG it would be good to get a response. Whatever that response (if final) should close it 😉

    True. i think you started it with good intentions but took a crazy turn. I dont think you deserved some of the comments directed at you. Which is why I recommended it to be closed before it went off the rails again
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    If you send me 1 free Rick token, I am going to buy the next bundle. I need 41 to get him to legendary. :joy:

    Yeah, I doubt NG will give us anything for free for that. Though I wouldn't mind.

    I'd gladly take 41 free Rick tokens. You can even keep the phones and the gold. ;)
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    At 9:30 this morning, I laughed to myself and said "what rubbish" when another user demanded a compensation in another thread for this mixup. Thought oh sucks to be the guy who made this mistake on Wednesday. Kaz came by and explained the mistake and that should have been it. Then a second post (this) comes around to ask the same thing in a less demanding manner but also asking for an explanation from NG. I just feel bad @kaz had to come back a second time to specifically comment on a company decision that is just common sense. I cant hold my pitchfork up because my token crate gave me 16 eugene when my guild mate got 24 michonne or when I make a shitty flat critical damage badge from gold comps when someone else gets a 20%DR gold from uncommon comps. Shit happens. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are not. But let's all not feel like we are deserving of things that we are not .
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    I got 500x FREE Daryl tokens, I would like to petition to have 500x FREE Daryl tokens for all NML players effective immediately..........

    P.S. sniper Daryl that is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and no I’m not sorry
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    @General_Pain release that whisperer video you butthead
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    @Jenng said:
    Can I throatpunch someone for you?
    That's the name of one of your toons I recall!
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    @kaz for president!
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    Are you guys aware it was not just 20 scout rick tokens. All 3 deals was free: 160 scout Rick tokens, 2,800 gold, 280 radios. Yes it’s not game breaking for the big dogs but for f2p that’s huge
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    I don't think NG should give more stuff free for the mistake they made and I'll not ask for that either but lol if they think that they should do something, why ppl think that have to be with the bundle? For example this weekend we have Jackpot as weekend, if @Kaz come and apologize (like he did, 2 times) and says we'll add to the weekend event gas reduced times, I'll be happy lol and will play the whole weekend until my eyes bleed and I'll forget about this bundle thing that wasn't going to be in my account anyway✌️
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