Bruiser - roll the dice?

Edith or Wesley worth a 5th? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


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    Traits you want are Punish, Retaliate, Iron Skin. With Lucky and Dodge being ideal.

    Wesley is your best bet, if he gets Retaliate.
    Defense Stance is a bit of a waste with badges. So no unicorn but he'd be pretty good until you find better.
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    I'll elaborate, if Edith got retaliate and you can reach 80% damage reduction with badges and armor then she would be interesting especially with that bruiser sword coming out. However, I don't think it's worth a gamble. Unless you are sitting on a stash of bruiser tokens and have no better options, then go ahead. Wesley would also be OK if he got retaliate, but I wouldn't invest in him because of defensive stance.

    Edit: Edith with tactical weapons would be a nice combo too and would make up for lack of Iron skin.
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    Don't think you'll have (good) badges anytime soon, so defensive stance is pretty good actually. (Actually, I still use it because of limited amount of good damage reduction sets)

    If Wesley has retaliate he'd be pretty good for now, just don't invest to much. In the long run defensive stance will become less usefull because of badges.

    If Wesley don't have retaliate than I'd go with Pete. Either way I wouldn't go any further than legendary for any bruiser that hasn't got all 3 holy traits.

    Wait for a bruiser with:
    Iron skin
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    Find a perfect toon is very hard and takes a lot of tokens in the gambles, I waited 2 years to get a perfect brusier, that being said I know that bullet dodge in Pete kinda ruins him but he has 4 perfect traits so I wouldn't waste tokens gambling in any of those other brusiers and go with Pete, you can pink him even double pink and if in the process you find a perfect project to take the risk of gamble you can do it knowing that you already have a good brusier
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    Thanks everyone!
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