Guild Wars Boycott (On Hold)



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    @Cherokee_Rose hey this is interesting, ive got some popcorn.. no harm no foul...
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    vshield50 said:

    > @SCBMA said:

    > Wow! It only started “literally a couple weeks ago” and you all have managed to change the entire game. Nice job @ VShield!

    You know I don't have that pull @SCBMA . I don't thing Ron Jeremy has that kinda pull (don't search on a work computer)

    Don't search giraffes fighting either, it could ruin your day.
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    SCBMA said:

    The discussion is right here. Nineteen people don’t need to give up their voices so a single member of the guild can have private, closed door discussions with NG. Transparency is what we all want.

    29 people including myself in this thread.....40 in the other chat....just sayin
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    TJS said:


    I certainly aren't attacking anyone.

    As I mentioned, it is great if players and NG can work together.

    I'm not part of the out of forum discussion that took place, nor am I a guild leader anymore.

    I just think it would be better if these discussions and/or negotiations could have/be more available to everyone. Sure you are going to get unconstructive comments but surely players and NG can look past those comments.

    Anyway, if I should be thanking those who took part in these negotiations I will but I will when I fully understand what negotiations took place.

    At the moment I just read, thank us for making better changes with NG but we're not going to tell you what exactly was discussed nor who made those discussions.

    Not calling anyone out specifically, the trolls know who they are. This forum is where you can weed through the BS...quite frankly, I’m tired of it. What @vshield50 brought up was a more focused attempt to fix problems in GW and yes, much of what was brought up mimicked opinions on the forum, but we didn’t have to wade through the “I Love Pizza” comments and all of the summers eve posters flaming NG because they didn’t like something they perceived in the notes.
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    @vshield50 plenty of people were part of the solution, do you think you somehow became the self anointed savior of Guild Wars? The fact remains plenty of people came to the forums to voice their displeasure about Guild wars, some met with taunts and how dare you type of attitudes. If you think your inside talks had more impact than 100s of players prepared to literally stop on a $ dime you’re delusional. Take it personal if you want but that is reality as crambert pointed out earlier in this thread the impact the “boycott” has played.
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    SCBMA said:

    My suggestion @vshield50 is similar to what @TJS has already posted above. This forum should be the way that they entire player base can have discussions back and forth with NG. Everyone gets an equal chance to express opinions. It is what NG advertises as the “official discussion” and points players here with in game notifications. My opinions are my own. I do not claim to represent anyone except myself.

    Yeah all 28 of you because I remove myself from that party. Very little gets resolved in the forum anymore. Too many douches looking for reactions. @vshield never claimed he was the SOLE reason the changes happened, I guess Whatever floats your boat.

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    Wow guys... no attacking necessary!!

    There were a lot of guild leaders that read the forums and what many of you said as far as the GW gas was concerned.. so they took initiative to try and open a communication with the devs.. yes it’s been for a short time, but in that time they’ve tried to get many guilds on board to represent what “most” of you were already saying.. the GW fuel price was ridiculous! So don’t look at this as a bad thing! Some people were just trying to make their voices louder than what was already expressed in the forums!

    They did it with good intentions and most definitely would accept and appreciate everyone’s thoughts!

    PS edit.. @TJS aren’t you in WildSquad? Stelio is the leader if I’m not mistaken and he is in the chat to represent you guys!
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    How can I join the Varsity Team chat?

    Take me to your leader
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    I agree @sbf :)
    Just responding to what’s been thrown out there!
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    Ultimately no matter how the change came about.. We were heard and they made changes accordingly! So it’s a win so far for all of us.. but I guess we will all see how that change truly affects us this weekend!!

    Happy war weekend y’all!! @sbf @xbamfx we all expect to see you dominating of course! :wink:
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    Thanks for your comment @sbf

    Ultimately I'm responsible for my reactions and comments and not how other take them.

    In saying that my comments could have been more constructive and for that I apologize. I'm definitely sure all our feedback is valid and for me to suggest it's not was a stupid comment.

    Having just woken and having one foot out the door for an important hospital visit I should have held back somewhat as my mind is in two places atm.

    I apologize if I offended anyone or came across as attacking. That was not my intention nor is it in my nature.

    The changes look great and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out this weekend.

    Goodluck to everyone without your wars and let's all work together the best we can to make NML a great experience for all.
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    I <3@sbf
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