Action Taken Towards Players Using Modified v3.0 Client



  • Pashok1991Pashok1991 Member Posts: 3
    With all due respect for your commitment and loyalty to the game, with all the purchases you’ve made, I am sure you can’t resist the game more than two weeks.
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,135
    @vshield50 so you're saying that making a choice can't be a mistake?

    Yes they made a conscious choices. Which were mistakes.
  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,435
    I agree with @bladgier even though initial reaction is drop the hammer, I also think everyone deserves a second chance depending on the infraction serverity. I do think all gained by said exploit should be stripped, the obvious gains I.e. 5 pink heroes and such.
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,627
    edited February 2019
    @Hanny1873 What do I gain from accusing your guild of cheating?

    I respect any guild or a player who has achieved anything through fair play. I can do 800 points per battle but its hard to find 19 more people who do that. You guys have found each other and it’s great what you can achieve through team work.

    Right now I am running a social event in Our World with about 1000 people. This is my 3rd one this week and just to be clear I have 0 interest in your guild.

    When someone does something amazing in any of the NG games I think it deserves a shoutout. I asked you a simple question. You rejected. That’s fine I moved one. If you dont’t believe me message me or even call me.

    I never initially considered what I said to be framing. I edited my comment because it appeared some people took it the wrong way. No bad feelings.

    Also I always help NG when I find websites or hacks/cheat that break their TOS. I will help the NML team with what I can in order to ensure fair play is present.

    I have the habit of speaking before thinking about the consequences sometimes so I do apologies for that. :p:#:'(

    I talked too much...Bye gotta add their US guilds into the big party

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
  • Mario_RomeroMario_Romero Member Posts: 231
    Wow, there you go accusing someone who has a different opinion than you do.

    Class act @skoshi
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,135
    @Timyun that's actually a good idea, I geniuenly like that 😀

    Some game creators allowed certain players to come back into the game after being perma banned under a condition of public testimony and apologies, recorded and publicly uploaded 😁
  • xiaofei66xiaofei66 Member Posts: 42
    Hmmmm, two week ban for hacking? It must have been by players who spend a lot 💰 💵 or it would have been forever. It is like fining a NBA Star $50,000, it is almost nothing.
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,320
    So the move to fix this unknown issue in GW turned into major issues. Don’t fix what is not broken.
  • kookaburrakookaburra Member Posts: 47
    Has anyone heard of a 2X exploit for GW? Last GW we were getting out scored twice as fast as we scored by a guild we beat down earlier. Haven’t seen it this week until now. One of our guild mates took screen shots and sent it directly to Kaz. Just wondering if we are being paranoid or is it really a thing...
  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,435
    @avelardez I agree GW was very close to awesome last season, gas was the only issue.
  • CrashOutCrashOut Member Posts: 27
    In most games cheaters get a permaban.
    Only reasons I can see for not doing this is
    a) they are very well known players
    b) as xiaofei66 said they must be spending large amounts.
  • Katz_Killers18Katz_Killers18 Member Posts: 277
    edited February 2019

    HEE, HEE!
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