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  • barbwire120168barbwire120168 Member Posts: 4
    @kaz not getting points in war plus fighting and beating same person over and over but not getting credit. Also not able to even get in the do challenge. Guild barbwirereepers , I’m barbwire . Thanks
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,725
    edited February 2019
    Oh, it looks like I didn't get my 5 free gas at the end. The Calculating Scores screen got stuck and I had to close the game out. Maybe that prevented me from the gas bonus at the end. I can say I am officially disappointed.

    Edit: Went back to the Guild Wars mission screen and it finally showed the score and gave me my free 5 GW Gas. Still disappointed overall with the experience.
  • ignasignas Member Posts: 386
    @Kaz will the GW this weekend will be canceled and postponed?

    The other solution I can think of is to multiply scores of the guilds that lost their wars. Like in my example, my guild lost the battle, lost gas but many of our players were not able to complete for whole 50 minutes + not all points were counted.
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,442
    Ah!!! This is so fun! ( no. No, it is not ) :| Possibly “too many cooks in the kitchen “ might need to reel it on back with the implementation of everyone’s ideas and go back to the actual playable basics.

  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 190
    This is Mastrchief from NationsWarriors
    My guild was playing almost the whole last battle of this day without me because i as their strongest player got the information they only 4 players siged in. That sucks. We lost that battle because when i finally found me in that war it was only some over 20 min to go.
    Otherwise wi will have won. Biut what sucks most is the lost key and thrown away red gas.
    Obviously ng repairs one bug by creating 2 new ones

  • stonemanstoneman Member Posts: 8
    @kaz just finished a war, spent about 40 fuel, had 742 vp and now only have 315 in my guild shop. Bloody sucks
  • gndriagndria Member Posts: 46
    @stoneman I think that is the way the new scoring is supposed to work. Yes you are right it sucks tho, i'm pretty sure I have given up n guild wars now at least until i see things working and much less complaints here - it was good while it lasted but this new version has more problems in
    1) the play vs reward system much worse than the last.
    2) with more bugs than the last version.

    @Kaz with so many people affected either through members not able to participate, not able to collect team rewards. Can we hope for an announcement? I have lost a lot in this war and I'm giving up guild wars until most if not all is fixed.

    However if people stoip playing guild wars then maybe the servers work and the problem goes away, just a thought ;)
  • stonemanstoneman Member Posts: 8
    @PigBenis thanks for the info, didn’t realize they halved the point for the Guild shop.
    @gndria totally agree with you!!! Busted my gut to help our guild and of course get as many spending points as possible for the guild shop, just to feel ripped off. Halving the reward is not worth it. I’d rather raid.
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    Just comp us something good:

    300 Radios
    100 Huntsman daryl
    100 survivalist Rick
    100 Riot Gear Glenn
    500 Gold

  • guidoguido Member Posts: 93
    Put it back to how it was but with increased chances of getting gas in other game modes. Let’s face it the game is always gonna be pay to win, all that’s happened is less points when you lose and with increased difficulty more gold required for healing.
  • TeenahGeeTeenahGee Member Posts: 306
    @Kaz , looks like the feature to remove folks fom the battle sign up after 4 hours isn't working. Two in my guild signed up 8 hours ago according to guild chat and are still there
  • abrahamaniacabrahamaniac Member Posts: 36
    We lost out 1st battle but were leading until all hell broke loose. Myself and others were caught in a loop and locked out or unable to move forward. I rebooted but spent the last 20 minutes of the game watching, as the score remained unchanged. The overview screen showed flashing blue dots in sanctuary but when i went in no one was plating. All communication on guild chat froze. Also we we paired against a team 13 tiers higher than us. At the end of the game we of course lost with so many sidelined, and our screen scores at the end of the battle did not match the leader board for our guild. I am a paying customer as are many on my team and some of them spend considerable amounts. This is not acceptable and we will not be part of it. Last season my guild was on the Global leaderboard the entire season and in the top 10 for part of it. This season we are boycotting and hope other will too, to send a message that NG must do better. Cancel this this season and compensate all those who have no choice but to sit this out. I looked at the leaderboard this morning and see a team sitting at over 60,000? How many wid they face i wonder who were sitting duck like we were.
  • abrahamaniacabrahamaniac Member Posts: 36
    3 tiers not 13...
  • SPC_TORRESSPC_TORRES Member Posts: 2,104
    TeenahGee said:

    @Kaz , looks like the feature to remove folks fom the battle sign up after 4 hours isn't working. Two in my guild signed up 8 hours ago according to guild chat and are still there

    Sign-up period
    A feature that keeps players signed up for Guild Wars until the Guild has enough sign-ups to play was causing bugs and has been fixed. From 3.1, players will be signed up for 4 hours or until the battle happens, whichever is shorter. This prevents players from needing to sign up every hour but also makes it less likely that a player who signed up cannot attend the Battle when it does happen.

    Have the same thing going on
    Except we got one going on 13 hours, 8 and 6

  • PandreqPandreq Member Posts: 244
    How are things now, everybody? Our guild have stayed off so far, but we are itching to give it a go.....
  • NezoNezo Member Posts: 41
    Is this a new issue - finish a battle only 3-4 minutes into the war and get the "out of time" message? No VP's, screenshot attached
  • billythegatesbillythegates Member Posts: 14
    I have just played for the first time today, just as our guild played for the first time. Did not sign up for any other battle, but got only one key left. That really sucks, being our strongest player. No one else has only one key.
  • RWSRWS Member Posts: 329
    Still broke this morning. Maps not clearing after finishing a mission or enemy found. Restart did not fix it. Another wasted key and gas.
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,341
    Have a level 36 Goo walker in a mission.
  • MrsScattercushionMrsScattercushion Member Posts: 120
    Guild just completed first battle today and thankfully no bugs or anything on this run through, so much more enjoyable.
  • Gunny_HighwayGunny_Highway Member Posts: 219
    Nezo said:

    Is this a new issue - finish a battle only 3-4 minutes into the war and get the "out of time" message? No VP's, screenshot attached

    the same here, after every mission 0 victory points, but gas was deducted.
    missions were shown as not played, in the guild screen 0 points.
    After each mission the message time expired, while the war just started.
    App restart does not help, and that was my last key.
    thanks, do not get at least 500 shopping points.
    ticket was created directly ingame.
  • MrsScattercushionMrsScattercushion Member Posts: 120
    edited February 2019

    Guild just completed first battle today and thankfully no bugs or anything on this run through, so much more enjoyable.

    Spoke too soon. Next round players cannot join, points not getting awarded and tried restarting only to be locked out of guild. On top of losing a key yesterday, so frustrating as when it works it is a lot of fun!
  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
    Yup, wins on map not showing. Finding enemies but then map doesn't show them. Reloaded then locked out of guild / gw as guild not loading. It's a mess.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,221
    Yep still broke! God damn it! What a waste of time and gas! Looks like won't be able to get those SR tokens after all! 😭
  • JCSinWDJCSinWD Member Posts: 87
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    Utter sh*t show this weekend
    Like others I played without my wins counting
    Our guild was in uproar ... NG got us all primed and ready, online and chatting ...then locked out or just cheated of gas, points and our time!
    We are rapidly losing patience!
    This is my first whiny complaint post ever ...after 3 years of playing and being on forum deserve it for this mess NG, sort it out
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