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    @HomieLegacy We've been playing long enough to know that NG messes up A LOT, especially with updates so it's not like it would be unfair if we got compensation because we documented everything. Hell, the guild we battled got their victory points... how would it be unfair if we got ours?

    There are two issues: lost data where VPs weren't given (which affected each and every one of us), and VPs that were given which were documented and then revoked. In one of them, the VPs were not logged initially and in the other the VPs were logged initially.

    The "biggest problem" was systemic, everyone played missions that they didn't get points for. NG has decided on what the compensation for that should be. Whether you think it's generous or not enough, that issue is considered taken care of by NG with all apologies.

    The separate issue of revoked VPs from entire battles has yet to be addressed, and if fair stays fair, two guilds that battle each other should both receive VPs for their efforts. If you get your wallet stolen and you have a credit card in there and some cash, the credit card (which is what you have documentation for) is the thing that there is a responsibility to have corrected, unfortunately the cash just goes... poof. If there's a way for NG to cull back the data for all guilds by finding the errors in the servers or code or whatever, hell yeah I want that for everyone. But at the very least the people who have evidence and documentation don't deserve to be stiffed too.
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    Agreed but the result will always be that some are fairly compensated and some are not. I am not suggesting not to compensate you, just to compensate everyone. And if this is for some reason impossible to do they should just cancel everything form the first weekend.
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    Thx for the very generous compensation NG no doubt some people will still complain lol
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    @Bod I scored 4625 VP this past weekend on my own? What did you score? Here what my leaderboard says so yeah I can say I’m not happy. If you are then cool but don’t knock people who got totally screwed over. Take your free loot for minimal participation and praise the lord. For me I want my VP
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    @Kaz can we also have VP compensation?

    Based on example of mine guild:
    1. We lost one battle as we were not able to play. We lost keys, had poor score because we were able to normally play for around 20 minutes. As we lost the score was not multiplied.
    2. Some players lost keys and able to play only 1 battle and not 3, despite having a lot of gas.

    I’m pretty sure because of that we were short of VP and not able to get to 40k. That means we will be short for 200 Rick tokens.
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    That’s why I said @WellyLuga if they cannot return everyone fought for VPs is should be restarted. If continue from here you add another war weekend and don’t take from anyone.
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    Maybe the code to erase RP after each seasons war went crazy. Since we can’t save our costly and hard earned RP as started in my other threads may be an issue so we can’t save and buy what we want. I was force to use my last bit of RP so I don’t lose them last season War. Just saying.

    Meanwhile, I’m training my group complete Full Metal Jacket style for the next War!

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    @TJS I understand your point but it should be possible to restore guilds points if NG bothered to do it! @sbf Only provided the proof because NG needs to see what’s going on and after establishing the fact, with screenshot proof, other guilds should be able to register a complaint and get it fixed.
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    @WellyLuga many of us were frustrated as well and didn't want to play but we strapped our boots up and played regardless. We had our proof (screenshots) and we just figured @Kaz and the crew would make it right. Trust and belief in NG to do the right thing. We know they make honest mistakes and usually fix them if you can provide proof. We just didn't take our ball and go home because we were mad even though some of us wanted to. We stood by each other's decision to continue. Just like we stood by every other guild out there that wanted to boycott GW over the gas cost. We stood by you guys. Now y'all should be standing behind us.
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    Well i just hope that everyone that thinks it is not a big deal to lose over 20 000 vps will experience that and write overhere that he/she is ok with it. Maybe we will all be equal than! 😘
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    @Kaz has said that NG are still looking at the missing vp issues let's wait and see what happens before getting to worked up. It Kaz comes back with a JSS reaction then I'll get my pitchfork out and join the revolution with you guys!
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    @avelardez gave an excellent idea, cancel this season, start another new one, from scratch... the results of this season are all compromised by this 1st week, the damage of some guilds are irreparable.

    We at Legacy EH were extremely harmed as well as other guilds were also.

    Like @HomieLegacy said, the damage to Legacy EH was enormous. We finish the other war in 6 °, we stay the full time in the Top 5, and see our guild in the middle of the table because of losses caused by NG after so much effort and dedication, it is not fair.

    I don't want any reward, I want to undo the results and we can start from scratch again, we would never have seven defeats in a single weekend if the competition had been fair. My guild was prevented from competing, all our members had problems of the most varied, we entered in many battles and we were completely prevented from winning, NG did not allow us to fight. @Kaz and NG do the fair and correct, these results cannot be counted.
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    Last season, one of our guilds was locked out from GW for a whole day due to the <1 minute issue. I really get the frustration - but I don't think starting the war over is a good idea. The uproar would be massive.

    I don't think there is a perfect fix for this situation.

    Maybe this war could be played and then be erased from the all time leaderboards as if it never happened. But I guess that would also upset a lot of players.

    I am sure that NG has discussed many things we are discussing now and have tried to figure something out that would work for the largest group of players.
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    @Jaden didn't you come fight GW with our guild last war to collect the Daryl tokens. You weren't worried about your guild or the largest group of players then were you? I smell hypocrite
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