Kaz out! Thank you for everything!

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It's not clickbait, guys! And the TL;DR version is on the bottom of the post! :)

Anyway... I was planning the best time to tell you this... so it wouldn't come as a surprise but there was always something going on and I could never find the "right time" to announce it. Little did I know that the "right time" never really existed, so... well, here's my farewell post!

First of all, I'd like to thank you, the NML community, for the learnings, experiences, jokes, rants, and for this time we've been together. You guys are incredible and I'm really grateful that you "accepted" me as your community manager. I felt welcome from my first day and this feeling remains the same here in my last week.

We've been through many difficult moments like the Council Level miscommunication case, crazy bundles, broken season 9 Rick and well, Guild Wars last weekend, but I do remember also great moments every time we announce a new update, or players finding snow in the camp, or the many thanks for simply attending an event request (I actually took a screenshot of one time that we had around 6 "Thank you" threads on the first page of the General NML Discussion section to share with our team)! What a ride it was for me I hope you have enjoyed that as much as I did!

I really felt respected here and it was beautiful to see that you guys always tried to protect me when criticizing something or when making a complaint about a feature/bug or decision, it shows that you see me as I see you, as another human being and not as a number. It shows that you care and I hope I have managed to show you that I care as well. I'll miss you all!

My main goal here was to create an open and transparent dialogue between Next Games and the players and I knew that it was a lot of work due to the complexity and a million variables No Man's Land has, but I think we really made a lot of progress there and nowadays you guys have been already answering all the questions from other players faster than me, which only shows, again, how awesome you are.

As I said before, all the positive changes, this community, and the relationship we had were basically created by you. So if you are happy with where we are now, you should be proud of yourself. Of course, there are MANY things to improve/fix still, but we can't forget what we achieved together.

I remember one time that someone made a thread saying how positive the forum was during some weeks... so the simple fact of acknowledging it, to me, is one of the best achievements I've accomplished as a community manager. Although the forum was quite slow during that period, haha. So I guess we sometimes need some hot threads to make our blood flows again, right? :tongue:

Now you are probably wondering why I'm leaving and of course, it's a fair question. The same way I ended up in NML is the way I'm leaving it. I had an opportunity to try something new and I took it. I don't know if it was a good idea or not, but moving to the NML Community has proven to be a good one, so I'm confident I'm making the right call again. I made this decision a month ago and my last day here will be on the 22nd (next Friday).

I'd like to also thank NG for the opportunity they gave me and specifically the NML team. I do get a lot of praises (and thank you for that), but I'm just the messenger here. I'd say that they deserve a lot of more credit than I do, haha. So kudos to the team for sharing many overtime hours fixing stuff but of course for creating some cool features too! :)

And, last but not least, I'd like to ask you to not worry about the changes! And trust the person who is going to replace me for the time being: @Vane. He joined the team exactly on the same day as I did and we've been working together since then. I discussed A LOT of community issues with him, events, balances, game features and so on. I'm confident he's the right guy for the job. So from now on, he'll be the one handling the communication with you guys. There should be a Community Manager position opening at Next Games in the next couple of weeks, so if you have the interest to take the mantle, feel free to apply.

But that's it... I'm really grateful, proud of what we achieve and I have nothing else to say other than thank you. It was one of the best experiences of my life and it wouldn't be possible without you. Thanks!

Kaz out!


TL;DR: I'm leaving Next Games and @Vane is replacing me for the time being! Thank you, guys!


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    I think the layoffs pre-announced on Jan 10 at NG may have now started. If Kaz was one of those affected, it's a poor decision. :-(

    @Kaz I hope your next roll in life is legendary.
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