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I took a week to address this outside of the boycott thread but I think it is right that I take my own position here and be transparent to the community I care about.

I say this as a fellow member of the community with no authority over how things operate. I know I am more than likely going to hear positives and deltas here but I will be respectful of all viewpoints and the statements made here are mine alone.

In a previous thread I started, the Guild Leader chat was mentioned (among other things). Some people asked why it was not open to others (or words to that affect).

So to be transparent here it is. There is a chat on Slack that was started by NG and guild leaders. The objective of the chat was that guild leaders could solicite input from their guild members/elders and relay information to NG staff on the possible effects of decisions they have made or may take in the future.

This is a relatively new initiative that was proposed to an NG employee by a forum member and supported by forum members (and NG). There are specific rules enforced in that chat but any guild leader (or guild representative) is not only welcome but HIGHLY encouraged to join. There is also a requirement of only 1 (one) guild representative per guild (unless otherwise stipulated by NG).

That said I also need to clear and I cannot stress this enough, The Guild Leader chat does not dictate policy or make any changes to the gaming experience. They simply provide input and in no way will the Guild Leader chat ever be a voice above or equal to the forum. That chat and the opinions voiced there are no more superior than the opinions voiced here. The chat is an additional resource for NG to consider and for us as customers to provide prospectice/input.

Again these are my statements alone. Anyone who is a guild leader and wants their guild represented not only can join but again is highly ecouraged to. If the guild leader would prefer that their guild is represented by an elder/member, they can surely join with approval from an NG representative.

If you would like to join please send a private message to @Kaz and/or @Vane with your email address and the chat you would like to join. The chat name is Guild_Leaders.

The rules of the chat were composed by forum members and guild representatives. These rules were agreed upon by NG and the guild leaders and the initiative to start the chat was born. The chat rules will of course be made known to those who join but they are also not a secret to those who want to know. Also those who join can see all of our chats to date.

If there are any questions or concerns please reach out to the community manager (@kaz @vane).

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    So where is it going to be. Want to be added as our guild rep. Oked by leader already.
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    > @Chiefkeo said:
    > So where is it going to be. Want to be added as our guild rep. Oked by leader already.

    The chat app that is used for this is called SLACK. You will need to download the chat app in addition to requesting to join via PM with @Vane 😊
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    @vane I have the app as we use it at my work. But not sure how to pm you as you are not in my directory or
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    @Chiefkeo ,

    You need to go into your inbox, compose a new message and type in "vane" for the recipient. I attached a few pictures of what the screens look like.

    Also I sent you a PM. Please let me know if you would like me to facilitate for you.

    See you there 😉
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    Thank you I have already PMed him here and sent my email to him
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    a lot of guild-centric games do this in order to contribute to continued game success, in fact many pocket games REWARD these guild "ambassadors" with gifts to create continued success of the game (and the company). With NG falling on hard times (i'll be getting to more details on this in another post later tonight), how can the regular gaming populace know that unfair advantages or info isn't being given to these guild ambassadors?

    Not to throw shade but this question should at least be asked, after all, "who will guard the guards, themselves?"
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    @afroponix I can only speak for myself but I go there to get advice and to speak on behalf of my guild and all guilds in general, voicing concerns and suggestions. Nothing shady going on.

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    @vshield50 thank you for posting that information. You’re right, things happen quickly and we did not get the information out there. Live and learn. Thank for handling this :)
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    @zbot @Vane ,

    I am bumping this thread for awareness. I know this is not necessarily an NG initiative but I feel it should be known to others if they want their guild represented outside the forum.

    Could this be an announcement for a month perhaps? We have gotten quite a few members to join since this post and I hope the information shared is worth wile for NG.

    This is just a request. The thread can be closed as well just wanted people aware because that was a prior short comming when it came to that chat.
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