Guild Wars, The real problem about it

I believe NG will eventually fix most of the current bugs if not all.
The main problem is that, device speed, thus shorter loading times, determine the success in GW the most.

A very skillful, fast playing, tactical genius can score less with a somewhat outdated device, than a someone constantly playing easy maps with his new (also probably ios) device.
Another thing is relatively strong players in their guilds can play a level 34 mission in the time they could have played 2-3 level 29 missions to help their guild complete sectors. Or instead everyone can rush to a low level map for a higher score and some more grind too of course, that is another option currently. Again faster devices win.

My suggestion is increasing the points awarded for harder missions and completing sectors hugely. Current few top scoring guilds of GW will probably object that. But adding some tactics and skill to GW should be considered in the long run. This mode can be working as intended, fast speed, dedicated time, spending some gold etc. but intentions may be changed.
And before someone asks; yes, i'm telling these because i consider myself a good player with a bad device and despite playing very fast and effective i can't score more than 500 due to loading times :)


  • JerryDixonJerryDixon Member Posts: 386
    100% agree. “Guild Wars” should be determining the best guilds. Similar to Nation Wars. Current format has nothing to do with best guild.
    Jerry Dixon
  • BodBod Member Posts: 111
    Agree me and couple of guild mates sacrifice rp and gold to take on lv 34 walkers on Sanctuary so others can play easier maps and close the area quickly but we just can't keep it going for every battle it's taken a big chunk out of my gold reserve also it has created friction between us on who should play the hardest maps
  • JankelJankel Member Posts: 255
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    At the maximum speed I got to about 500, a guild companion of mine from liv.70 to 600, another liv.70 at maximum speed can not exceed 300. A clear gap that should not depend on the device but on the skills of the player!
  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 344
    Agreed. This is a serious flaw in the GW. The jump in difficulty from the early rounds to the later rounds is huge, but the reward is pathetic to say the least.

    My guild has agreed with the next battle, the lower players will focus on the easier maps, with the stronger players focusing on the harder maps, even though it means a significant drop in RP. This is simply BS. More risk, more gold, more skill required, but the same reward. How does that work?
  • JankelJankel Member Posts: 255
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    @ADPaq, you're right about the division of tasks in GW, but if this were to be a device problem there would be a considerable disparity between our guild players who would be excluded from the fight for final scores having a low performance device, all this will be highly frustrating !
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    Cheating, hacking, game exploits. Talking or discussing cheating, hacking or game exploits. This also includes discussion on how to play NML on unsupported services or devices. (e.g. BlueStacks)

    It's also an unsupported platform so not the best idea. ;)
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    @TJS, sorry and forgiveness, I modified my posts I did not think to damage the rules of the forum .. I apologize humbly for the regrettable misunderstanding! :(
  • xyf80xyf80 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 61
    tactic is very bad in guild war, I have said to NG even before guild war played out, make those play against people map harder with higher point, whoever unlock it lock to it. Except speed there is no other element in Guild war now
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