Sneaky gas-cell phone trick and latest challange.

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    I got more cell phones during that event than any other you just have bad guessing . Guess better?
  • Its the same as the two prizes, a gold chest is 500 crates, so with each reward you could buy two, yes the legendary crate price is outrageous, but after you do get into doing the outpost and lvl up you walkers and everything then hou could just save to only get legendary boxes
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    There is no bad guessing- just bad prize lists. Go back in time thru the forums to find the thread where Dev states there is no random rolls on chests, it's predetermined
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    Personally, I would like to either have a chance to take what I want from a run. Eli, few gas tanks, food or xp. However be given the chance at random and be given more of whatever I get or get weapons and gear.

    Right now I am running out of gas a lot from trying to help out the guild with stars, and do all my missions. After the gas event I guess I got use to running a lot but I rarely get gas now that the event is over, while it was running I got a ton of gas as rewards, very scarce now that I need it again.
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    Don't be negative. They'll fix it.
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    It might just be random. One of our guild said they got a lot of gold, where as I didn't, but I did get an okay amount of phones.

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    I got a huge amount of phones , golden boxes however..
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    Go to your happy place,NG loves you.
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    It doesn't matter what I got during the event.... it was all taken away since i was rolled back. all the exp, upgrades, stars... *poof*.

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    Predetermined is guessing . You have to guess where the good stuff is.
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    I got 25 phones in those 2 days . Idk if that's good but it more than I've ever gotten is all I'm saying
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    Been getting shedloads of phones.
    Finally got a leg hunter too! :)
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    I thought at first it was biased and that deadly missions where not giving loot. So I recorded all the numbers and posted them.

    Seems there is more loot to be had its just not easy to see. The one thing that biggest me was all bronze loot in deadly missions
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    Well it looks like I'm wrong about the phones. Personally I got 2 in over 30 missions, must have been a string of bad luck.
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