Radioactive Radio Event Needs Some Plutonium Stat!



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    Yes, just a quick mission.
    At 1 gas cost good for players not on a booster.
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    Thanks @TJS
    I never really thought of running those missions again for that purpose. I run them sometimes to do daily quests, but never for farming. Will give it a try!! Thanks again
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    Thanks @vshield50
    Yes normally on a booster I run scavenges for higher crate rewards. Think I scavenged about 8m supplies last weekend saving up for my training grounds upgrade. Now finally have some survivors at 25 😎
    Will try beach life now and then to build up my radios, thanks for the advice
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    Bottom line @Vane I think many people would be more motivated by a stronger event less frequently but of course some will disagree. Ball is in NG's court on this but a wow factor and a more sought after event has its pros too...
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    > @vshield50 said:

    > Please help me understand why having the radio events spread out is better in the long run? I mean going off the extreme here I guess we could technically have a Radioactive event 52 times a year each of which give slightly more than normal but equal to one event with the preface of more radios over time. We would have no other events but I go to the extreme here to explain my position.
    > If we had 1 kick ass event it would have a WOW factor even if less frequent. Then we could decide if we should buy a booster or use gold to farm. We would also have other events in place of multiple radioactive events. My 2 pennies.

    Taking @Vane 's qoute that the event can be run approximately every 5-6 weeks, that's works out to 9.45 times per year (I know I shouldn't really use the decimal, but I feel it's appropriate given that there could be 9 or ten events in a given year assuming a regular cycle).
    Let's say you get 4 times as many phones on a double radio event as you do on the current event.
    Let's also assume you can get 200 radios the way the current event is setup.

    So, if they ran your double radioactive event twice per year (an estimate previously stated by Kaz) you could get a total of 1600 phones in a year (200 phones*4 times as many*2 events per year)

    With the current setup, you would end up with 1891 phones in a year (200 phones*9.45 events).

    I don't know about you, but for me 1891>1600.

    That's my logic behind it.
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    That is if we don't boost and scavenge hard when the buffed event is on. But yes I get the math and understand the logic.

    I guess I am just a cry once and pay for rewards kind person where as I will go nuts on a single event to get my rewards but will be unmotivated to push 4 times for a similar result. Won't login, push or buy solely for the event as it currently is implemented.
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    I ran the beach for several hours over the weekend and wasn't getting hardly any radios, so I gave up. I guess I just had bad luck this time.
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    Pandreq said:

    Don’t want to deviate away from the point of this thread - but can I just ask what is the thing about Tara’s Beach Life mission? Is it just because it’s quick to play? So good for farming when on a booster?

    Nah, I only farm it when I'm not on a booster. I farmed Hard Equipment Scavenge missions when I was on my booster. I could clear those maps just as quickly as I could with Beach Life and still get much more resources. Beach life is great because it only costs one gas and sometimes I would keep getting gas in the after-mission crates and keep playing. I remember playing for hours just on my original tank of gas. The bottom line is: just open as many crates as possible and you'll find phones. It's all in the numbers.
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