Zweihander & Council Update Plea

Hi Team,

Obviously the Zweihander/Spring Campaign and a future council update are both obviously in the works - TBA.

I'd like to ask that consideration be given so that the two do not happen very close together. If that happens (doesn't matter which one comes first) it will really disappoint a lot of players.

Getting an rare shiny new weapon, which we have been waiting a long time for, at level 25 only to have the max lvl raised to 26 soon after, will be a huge letdown.

An even bigger letdown would be to have to pay for full supplies to do a Council, Training Ground and Workshop upgrade so you can unlock the ZH at level 26. This would be an obvious cash grab and disenchant a lot of the player base. Few payers will drop this kind of cash - even ones at lvl 70 who are sitting on full supplies at the upgrade.
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  • Killdozer187_Killdozer187_ Member Posts: 385
    Who's gonna pay for it?


    Who: Mill....

    WHO: Me?
  • KriegKrieg Member Posts: 178
    Thanks for the V3.2 update announcement @Vane

    I'm very happy to see that this issue has been addressed.

    Depending on the real world $$ cost, I think the equipment token upgrade is something most players will take advantage of to one degree or another.

    I think everyone has at least one piece of equipment they want to be a 'keeper'.
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