The Random Survivors

Will there ever be an option to really customize a random survivor? I been playing this game for years and I been waiting to get a survivor that kinda resembles me just so I can change it's name to my name. I have been seeing the same random faces for years now.


  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,117
    edited September 2018
    If you mean survivor name change then you can do it. Click on the name. Check out the screens

    If you mean their face change there's no chance to do it and I doubt there will.
    You can also change their outfit to the TWD characters.
    Click on the t shirt if you want to do that, it costs gold though.
    There's an event when they're discounting that so I'd wait for that if you're willing to

  • CodeRedd6CodeRedd6 Member Posts: 2
    Yea thanks. I already knew about the name change but I dont believe I knew about the changing of the outfits. I was talking more so about just being able to pick out a random survivor instead of always receiving the same ones over and over.. I know it's all randomized but mine doesnt. I really do get the same random survivors all the time. I havent seen any new faces in the last 2 years..
  • Rene16Rene16 Member Posts: 3
    I play The Walking Dead No Man's Land since it exists and I've always wanted to be able to personalize a survivor, changing the facial features, color, confexion and height and not only the name and clothes
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