GWs STILL having ISSUES....When is GWs going to FINALLY be fixed???!!!

GWs worked fine ALL weekend until my last battle on Sunday...I was unable to clear an area or find enemy...I left and went back in & it showed me via blue flashing Dot as still being in that area & I wasn't!
So I followed the suggested USELESS work-around & I completely logged out of the game & logged back in (losing Time!!!) & GWs is a TIMED event!
And it STILL showed me as in there battling.
I was unable 2 clear this area!!! = I received NO POINTS! = Wasted a Key!!!
Others in My Guild & Other Guilds had issues this week too.....


  • Nick37Nick37 Member Posts: 455
    Just had exactly the same problems
    “Aloha Snackbar” Guild No Mans Land.
    “Sheffield UK (SUK)” Group Our World.
  • KyrusKyrus Member Posts: 126
    Same here. @Vane I wasn't getting any points for battles completed, it kept saying out of time even though the battle had just started.

    I closed out of the game and went back in, the points started counting. But it took my last key, so I was only able to play 2 battles which sucks for me and my guild losing put on VP points.
  • ric_zombiebruiserric_zombiebruiser Member Posts: 37
    This is so frustrating my guild ;zombie bruisers are just trying to get our hands on that darn RPĢ and every week more problems says at end of mission time out,no gp on score board so not getting closer to RPG ,also takes away keys when you try and log bk in more points list,other guild members can see your name on a mission and you can see your own name when trying to re enter a mission so rounds taking longer to clear such a shame i live the game i have some sceen shots i cant seem to upload grrrr
  • TxNoleTxNole Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2
    Too many glitches to report at this point. See all others.
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