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To be able to preset and save teams would be great - not only for GW (where speed is important) but also for other game modes (Distance, where all the gear swapping is super annoying) or challenges (where we might want to use different teams) - really any game mode (farming team, raiding team etc.)

So here is how I would want it to look (don't have any photoshop skills, so writing it out - if someone has the skills, feel free to make a graphic ;) ):

team member 1 [ ] member 2 [ ] member 3 [x]

weapon 1...................weapon 2..................weapon 3

armor 1......................armor 2......................armor 3

And since for some setups that splits up teams where I might want who I actually want to be the leader on the other side of the board, there should be a way to mark one as leader, no matter the position of the member.

That is where the [x] / [ ] are for - one needs to be marked as leader. (Automatical selection would be on the left side like we have now.)

Now you would have the normal team screen shown with a row for the preset teams below to scroll through. Ideally, you could name them, but if not, A, B, C etc. would be fine.

Of course, you should be able to still change the team manually in that normal screen, and also their gear - in case there is something different from what you have saved. (Should also be a good number of teams you can safe, 10, maybe?)

I know this would probably take up quite some time to develop, but it would make the game so much easier and so much more fun, actually (I hate doing Distance because of the need to swap teams and gear all the time - especially the need to search the gear is annoying).

Also, all the gear should be available to pick - if it has been given to someone else, just let them be "naked" and prevent going into a mission with a "naked" survivor. Much like you can't start with an injured one. Gear equipped to someone else on the team could be marked so you won't try and switch back and forth.

It would also eliminate the need to keep low-level gear just for swapping.

Guess this is asking for a lot, but even getting rid of the "claim rewards" and the second play button in the TV makes it so much more enjoyable. And that isn't a core part of the game...
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    Agreed, I did think of that also.

    Having like teams bookmarked that you can edit.

    That would be awesome and make things much faster.
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