Lost round passes from last challenge

stpetestpete Member Posts: 8
I lost 6 round passes from the last challenge. I had 6, guild is aloha snackbar and user name is stpete. I have updated to latest version and have screen shots if needed.


  • WeeandcrabbitWeeandcrabbit Member Posts: 1
    I have also lost round passes. Hopefully this will be picked up as a bug and compensated
  • reidecopas1979reidecopas1979 Member Posts: 1
    Eu perdi todos os meus passes de rodada,5 no total e já aconteceu no desafio passado,algo tem que ser feito.
  • Jasmine13Jasmine13 Member Posts: 3
    I lost passes too!!! What's going on here!!! It's not fair. I only got 2 tickets, its better than zero, but i earned more than that!!
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