Jerry's Leader Trait

Does anybody use Jerry, especially as leader?

Would you use him more if survivors didn't have to be standing next to him for his trait to activate?

I think they should remove the "adjacent" requirement from his leader trait. Then he might be useful.


  • MystiqueMystique Content Creator ❤️ Posts: 1,454
    Any trait that requires me to be damaged (which loses stars) is a no go for me.. and his damage reduction trait is still capped at 80%.. and someone has to be next to him for all that to happen.. uhhhh nope! 🤷‍♀️
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  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 868
    I actually don't have a problem with requiring survivors to be next to him. In fact, in some maps staying together is a good strategy. The bigger problem is that it's still only a chance that it activates. It would be much better if it was guaranteed to activate, perhaps the damage reduction would need to be lowered then to balance it out.

    For example, let's say at legendary his ability was a guaranteed 20-25% reduction in damage if you're adjacent. This would allow you to free up a badge or gear trait.

    Or they can change it from a chance of damage reduction, to a chance of body shot happening.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,938
    If he gave a chance of body shot I would actually level him up from his current level 18! Any chance of that happening @Vane?
  • PandreqPandreq Member Posts: 244
    It was meant to be.....

    @Jenng , I wish I could scrap my Jerry and send you the tokens. I have never used him, not even once.

    And seriously, what happened with the artwork, the worst likeness by a mile 😱😱
  • Michonor23Michonor23 Member Posts: 69
    I only use him in the low levels of the distance (normal mode) as a leader with survivors I haven’t fully trained up, I figure why not get the slim chance of a leader trait rather than no chance? I get them charged up to slice and dice a few fatsos in later rounds. I also used him as a sacrifice so the rest could make it to the end, usually for a scout that just had to make it through an already open gate.

    I haven’t upgraded him since I got him and if I had to choose between 256 Jerry tokens and 32 tokens from a class I was working on I don’t know what I would choose....
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