missing guild wars points & missing keys

ScottieScottie Member Posts: 107
My name is Scottie & I'm the leader of Dead Unlucky,
As I'm sure by now from the discussion title, you've gathered what my main issue is, today during our 3rd battle our strongest players points were not added to the rest of our guilds total, the missing points may have cost us our unbeaten run of 14 wins from 14 which I'm sure you'd agree is extra annoying.
My 2nd issue is 2 of my more senior guild members also didn't receive their 3 keys like the rest of us did today & so they too couldn't join in with us in keeping our unbeaten run,
I look forward to your reply, many thanks. Scottie


  • Fozzy709Fozzy709 Member Posts: 2
    1st 4 battles didnt score in todays war, had to restart game several times. Also only recieved 2 keys for the sunday war.
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