When both teams finish the entire map...

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Our guild (DSF Hellcats) just went up against Army of Slayers. We cleared the entire map with about 2 minutes to go. We were ahead briefly, but Army of Slayers pulled ahead.

My suggestion: If only one guild clears the entire map, they should get the win and the multiplier, regardless of score. If both guilds clear the entire map, both should get the multiplier. The win could go to either the top score or the first to finish.


  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,220
    @scottc We cleared the entire map too.
  • JoeSmartJoeSmart Member Posts: 254
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    Thx @xbamfx

    Then there should be a check - if both cleared all maps, it is pure luck who wins. Finding enemies sooner means loosing GW points...

    We were finished with 2:30 minutes left and could only watch your score moving ...
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    Yeah this happened to us in Wild Squad once. Absolute kick in the teeth as it basically came down to repeating maps your teammates played or finding the enemy sooner. You get punished for being less co-ordinated when it comes to allocating missions and luckier when it comes to finding enemies.
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    How about if one team clears all the maps then the round ends and they're the winner?

    I mean it's suppose to be a war, not everybody hold hands as we run across the finish line.
  • scottcscottc Member Posts: 16
    @xbamfx @Vane

    I figured that Army of Slayers finished too.

    I'm not trying to change the results of this particular battle. Army of Slayers clearly won this battle.

    But, I would appreciate if there was a rule change to address the situation in the future.
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