Error in This Week's Challenge



  • BodBod Member Posts: 111
    Without any rp again at least give us a challenge that we can get it over and done quickly my guild mates are so dejected at the thought of playing Into the wood map
  • MFJigsawMFJigsaw Member Posts: 159
    Ahhh this absolutely sucks.

    Challenges are BASIC stuff in this game.

    How could you possibly retain a job with this kind of output? Where else would this be OK?

    Game over
  • Mak31Mak31 Member Posts: 3
    Still cannot get into the game and still just “killing walkers”...

    Has anyone been able to actually get the game to load yet?
  • BigBobBigBob Member Posts: 97
    How about throwing in a 2 RP this event, just give the dog a bone.
  • Aussom_PossumAussom_Possum Member Posts: 31
    Not in yet, but apparently my trade goods shop has been restocked so I got that going for me :|
  • fretjefretje Member Posts: 121
    I am still stuck :-s
  • MortmerMortmer Member Posts: 172
    Just throwing this out here while I wait to be able to get back into the game

  • CarleneDixonCarleneDixon Member Posts: 18
    The fix was 17:00 UTC so 11 my time, it's 12 still not loading, @Vane do we need to remove it reinstall or is there an ETA??
  • Gunny_HighwayGunny_Highway Member Posts: 219
    @Vane why some can play and some not ????
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    I am amazed at the lack of testing NG does on this game
    I am getting sick of loosing my round passes

    The sticking 2xp does me no good because I cashed in everything last week
    5 second upgrade does me no good because I upgraded everything last week

    I really don't even feel like starting the challenge this week
    As soon as I saw no round passes, I closed the game down
  • poguemahounpoguemahoun Member Posts: 28
    Still locked out. Give us enough Spring Tokens to get all the rewards without restarting distance.
  • Mario_RomeroMario_Romero Member Posts: 237

  • Hermes86Hermes86 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    Still can't log in, but game tells me I have full gas. Lol.
  • JankelJankel Member Posts: 255
    Without a pass and you have restored Dark Forest one of the most hateful challenges! Are you sadistic in Ng? A leaner challenge was not possible? No?All of this is getting annoying! :(
  • tristaniztristaniz Member Posts: 59
    I'm still stuck on loading screen and can't access the game :#
  • FizFiz Member Posts: 3
    I'm still stuck on loading screen and can't access the game
  • Gunny_HighwayGunny_Highway Member Posts: 219
    make this shit great again
  • blackiguanablackiguana Member Posts: 258
    Still stuck on loading screen !
  • Holmsey3Holmsey3 Member Posts: 25
    I still can't get on to the game. When is this likely to be fixed please???
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