Server crash?



  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 139
    I'm able to play now but I can't believe Next Games honestly thought we would need or want 6 more days of full gas and xp when we just ended a 5 day boost....capped out players must be feeling REALLY shafted right now.
  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 139
    Plus the booster is wasted for the first 3 days of challenge while we scramble just to get up to normal RSL because they again took our round passes. This type of stuff is quickly turning people off the whole game. NG better make their next move VERY carefully, or I can see players leaving in droves.
  • collectxcollectx Member Posts: 30
    How about i log in 3 hours after challenge starts and get my round passes. play 5 missions and it freezes. I just logged back in finally and all my round passes are gone and
    please fix
  • Sleepy1Sleepy1 Member Posts: 2
    This sux, I still can’t log in.
  • Sleepy1Sleepy1 Member Posts: 2
    At last, all working again.
  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 139
    They could've done much better on the compensation but whatever. When they lose 30% of their revenue because capped out players start leaving in droves, maybe then they'll make sure this crap stops happening.
  • PandreqPandreq Member Posts: 244
    I’m really hoping that they haven’t finished with the compensation yet. Hope they are working hard behind the scenes to come up with something good.

    Or am I just being too optimistic...?
  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 139
    @Pandreq I'm pretty sure that's all they're giving us, and next week when something else goes kapooey they'll give us 7 days gas and xp booster!
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,440
    Possibly, overshooting optimistically. ;)
    Just don’t get crazy lol

  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 139
    On the bright side of things, getting all my toons trained up to 20 and kitting out their gear has been a much more streamlined process than I was expecting lol.
  • PandreqPandreq Member Posts: 244
    They have seen the comments, and they have the data (in theory!!), to know that for a lot of players, a gas and xp booster is not useful, especially not on the back of a 5-day one last week and several others in recent weeks.

    I have upgraded all my survivors that I use to 25 and all half-decent weapons to 28. I can do more weapons but there are plenty of players out there with nothing to upgrade, amd the grind is worse for them as it is much much longer.

    I really hope NG comes up with something tomorrow to show the players (customers!!) how much they are valued.
  • QuislingQuisling Member Posts: 1
    So is this issue supposed to be fixed now? I still can’t get past the first screen.
  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 139
    @Quisling I was able to log in and play a few rounds a couple hours ago, it should be fixed now but I understand some people are still having issues. Meanwhile Next Games is basically burning piles of money.
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