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    @Vane Posted this in "Spring Event Math" but wanted to make sure it was seen, since many feel it to be quite important (and time-sensitive for those of us still utilizing the 6 day free gas):

    I think a solid gesture would be to award an extra 20 tokens to everyone. Some people were able to take advantage of the extra 20 from the bugged challenge, while others were not. This is bully for them, but it means some of us (basically if we didn't wake up early enough to start the challenge before it was pulled) will be able to complete the event and get the Spear with only 2 Distance Resets, while the rest of us have to reset 3x. As @JayZ said, those 20 lost tokens are essentially worth 400 gold, the cost of The Distance, and it really is not right that, due to a bug, some will get the spear with only 2 resets and some with 3. And of course, you should DEFINITELY not take 20 away from those who managed to get them, but rather compensate the rest of us -- this, I believe, would go a long way towards mending the bridges between NG and some very disgruntled players, myself included.

    I think given the amount of problems and loss of gold/RPs from the past 2 weeks, and in light of the fact that you only gave us enough gold for HALF of a single reset, it would be a good move on NG's part to just award everyone the extra 20 tokens, making the spring token grind slightly less painful (2 Distance resets at 800 gold total is still a lot, but not as bad as 1200 for a measly 20 token difference).

    Please consider this. I think it would help your fan base recover from the nonsense that's been going on (esp end-gamers who really lost out even with the compensation)
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    Which Distance version is this
  • wrinkled_bagwrinkled_bag Member Posts: 713
    Number 2
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    Thank you for posting, @msapaev ! It is extremely helpful!
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    Thank you, @DLH!
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,204
    Many thanks, @DLH ! This is important information!
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  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,204
    Many thanks, @Jankel and @msapaev !
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    So the gear rewards from this distance still lvl 25 ?
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    @romeo I think rewards from the distance have always been the level of the highest survivor you have in your arsenal for that particular gear...
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    @romeo distance gear rewards are your given class lvl relevant.

    So let's say there's bruiser gear, you'll only get 26 lvl bruiser gear when you have at least one bruiser survivor at 26.
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    Thank you guys. Guess i have to say so long to warrior gears in this one 😌
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    Guild mate said hard mode is significantly more difficult now. Any confirmation?
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    Yeah could be that what @SCBMA said
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    Does anyone know the rewards for Hard mode? Thanks in advance.
  • HuttSlayer23HuttSlayer23 Member Posts: 162
    Thank you @ATLAS-Z and @Goatlips
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