Maybe a unicorn?

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Is one of them a kepper and a real good one? Or again nothing special? Thank you for you tipps...


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    Shooter Brittany and Chris are very solid. Edge to Brittany since she has the Revenge trait. If Hunter Barry unlocked Sure Shot as his 5th he'd be a true Unicorn in my book if you use weapons with the Piercing trait on a regular basis. He'd also be pretty badass with Vigilant. In terms of Bruiser Susan, she's solid but for me a Bruiser needs to have Lucky since they are many times running with Sasha, RGG, Michonne, or Morgan. Also important if you use weapons with the Concussion trait and Charging as your hockey stick does. For me the Ruthless trait isn't that attractive on Bruisers. Keep her, but hold off on promoting and keep looking would be my plan. Norma the Warrior has great potential in my opinion. I'd be very happy with Iron Skin, Power Strike, or Dodge as that 5th trait.

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    Barry if 5th perk will be sure shot that will be perfect others is so so... same perks need for all shooting class
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    Thank you for your opinnion...I promoted Barry and he got sure shot...

    Now I have another question...I have my first badge its legendary critical change +20 and +5 if the teammate is a bruiser...who should I badge first? Which hero is the best for that? or maybe Barry?

    Thanks again...
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    For Shooters, the unicorn traits are
    Marksman, Ruthless, Revenge, Lucky and Sure Shot. Your both guys have 4/5 so not too bad, and it's very possible you'll never get all so don't feel too bad to start upgrading.
    Hunters, you can either use the same (so Barry!) or go for one with some damage protection.
    Bruisers and all other melee survivors benefit a lot of luck, as razor (unlike Piercing) is affected by luck.
    Norma looks good, Power Strike, Iron Skin or even Defensive Stance might work out well.
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    Put the badge on the one guy you use most in hard missions.
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    > @Burmeliinis said:

    > Bruisers and all other melee survivors benefit a lot of luck, as razor (unlike Piercing) is affected by luck.

    Someone (anyone with knowledge) feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I've read several times throughout the forum the neither piercing, nor razor, is affected by luck...
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    Razor is not effected by luck
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    Razor definitely not affected by luck
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    Thanks for correcting me, don't know how I got that belief.
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