New Special Event Request (NO BADGES)

vshield50vshield50 Member Posts: 1,973

Since we had a No Body Shot event that increased grind but was liked by many, could we have a "No Badges" event where badges would be disabled? Kinda bring us back to the old days a bit and reduce grind for a week?


  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 608
    After all the grind and CC badges we pulled? 😄
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 260
    They should save this event for the next time we lose our RP, it would make the lower levels a bit more challenging. :p

    Or maybe if they doubled the rewards? ;)
  • Tux77Tux77 Member Posts: 125
    No !
  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 566
    Tux77 said:

    No !

    But think of the upside. Free parking!

  • vshield50vshield50 Member Posts: 1,973
    I have to be honest here. I HATED the No Body Shot "event" because it basically took away something from a group of customers. It made earning tokens worthless because pink stars were not a factor anymore and it was about who could play more. It really made it a grind trying to get to a point where it was too difficult to play any further (and I acknologe that we all play for different reasons).

    So with that in mind I proposed this option to see how people would feel about it. This "event" would basically be like what they did with no BS but instead of taking away from those who built their teams up with tokens, it would put them back at an advantage for building their teams. It would also reduce the grind. But from the looks of it, it looks like this will be hated even for a week lol. I appreciate all the comments ☺️
  • vshield50vshield50 Member Posts: 1,973
    edited March 19
    > @ATLAS-Z said:
    > Maybe disable charge attacks while your at it?
    > And have all survivors with only one action point, like injured Ezekiel in that one season mission?
    > Oh boy!
    > (Noooooooooooooooo.... Lol)

    Just curious. Would you prefer it went the other way? Like they did that week when @SavannahGuy81 got over 6000 stars? Is that how most people would prefer it?

    We use to not have badges and since it is only for 1 week I though it would be interesting to try. I don't think we ever played with disabled charge attacks or with 1 action point (at least not since I have played the game) and I definitely would not want those.
  • NerfZone187NerfZone187 Member Posts: 546
    > @DrUnpleasant said:
    > No !
    > But think of the upside. Free parking!

    Epic! HAHAHAHA
  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 480
    This would wreck havoc on guilds with minimums since scores would obviously be much lower...I have a second acct with no badges, that is more than enough FUN???? for me
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  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 2,695
    edited March 19
    VS I enjoyed that Bruiser/Bruises Graveyard event, I really did. I didn't care that big fish could pay forever. Let them.

    But if it's wildly unpopular I accept that it was a one-n-done situation.

    I honestly wouldn't mind your suggestion, personally, I did just promote my first 10-star, a Hunter, this weekend ;-)
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  • tallinietallinie Member Posts: 359
    edited March 19
    Round passes might be small problem, at least if this event would be following No body shots event. ;)
  • vshield50vshield50 Member Posts: 1,973

    "Pay forever" Hahaha hahaha! So true! Love it!
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