Doubt regarding the gun token

Lets say that I have a gun update to level 28 and that I am going to use the gun token.
What is going to happen:
1 by applying the token the gun goes to level 29
2 or, the gun must be update to level 29 after using the token
3 or, worst case, I use the token and the gun thats is updated to level 28 goes back to level 26 and I must updadet it through levels 27 to 29
Can someone tell me what really happens?

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  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 455
    my guess #2
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  • SPC_TORRESSPC_TORRES Member Posts: 1,791
    Option #2 would be awesome

    But the way I read the notes..... Option #3

    In the new 3.2 version of No Man's Land we are adding a special item which allows players to upgrade a level of their equipment. I.e. if the basic level of your equipment is 25 (upgradable to 28), with this token the basic level can be increased to 26 (upgradable to 29).

  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 723
    I think the best use of the token is going to be on an unupgraded weapon. What I'd like to know is if it's used on an upgraded weapon and resets the base level, will the xp spent be returned in full or in part?
  • nico1933nico1933 Member Posts: 17
    The notes seams to lead to the conclusion that the weapon does not have to be upgraded to level 28
    It only needs to be 25 and upgraded to 28
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 1,788
    My guess is you will get none of the XP back that you spent on upgrading a weapon when increasing its level.
  • DeadkillerDeadkiller Member Posts: 78
    Part of why I have weapons I haven’t upgraded
  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 263
    Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but the best result would be if you have a fully upgraded weapon already, and you use the token, you only have to spend one level's worth of exp to reach the new max level. (I would hope using the token wouldnt re-lock the last trait to be re-unlocked all over again in the meantime though)
  • GothgulGothgul Member Posts: 86
    edited March 20
    Have there been any hints as to how hard these will be to come by, and how they can be obtained?
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