Consistantly maxed supplies / Distance Hard Mode / Squad builder

Hey all,

Now I don’t usually have a whinge on these things and I’m a 3rd year end user so generally enjoy the game in principle, however there are a few elements (aside of the issues with Wars / Compensation when I have barely anything left to upgrade) to the game right now that mean my enthusiasm is waning.

1) Constantly maxed on supplies! - I appreciate there is an update on the way which will allow us to progress in terms of council upgrade etc however I am struggling to understand why we do not have the facility spend supplies at ALL times on something at least. Every time I earn supplies from a mission, whether it be scavenge / distance blah blah blah my heart sinks as I am maxed on supplies and have been for around 2 weeks at a time consistently now over and over (aside of when a badge might pop up and I temporarily use some to craft).
Naturally I’m sure the majority of end user population want to be in a good position to upgrade as soon as the update drops, but it is not the role of the Developers and NG to manage that for the community.
We must have the option to use our resources and the wares of our hard work on an ongoing basis so I would urge the team to rethink the game set up on this.
Either ensure there is the option to buy something in the trade store at all times or remove the cap completely. I don’t get the point of the cap anyway. End result upgrade levels are limited and it takes ages to upgrade everything anyway when the opportunity comes around.

2) Distance HARD mode - What is the point of this? Yes the rewards are slightly increased from that of normal mode but in short you have inserted a game mode that, because you limit the progress any player can actually make on levelling survivors & weapons, is IMPOSSIBLE to complete.
I get it’s aspirational and we’re all looking at the end thinking level 42, I’ll get there one day, but the fact remains it’s not possible to complete it.
Yes it should be hard work and take effort, thought and strategy to complete, but not have a feature in the game that cannot be completed. It’s illogical and I would ask this, aren’t you limiting yourselves to evolving this when we do all get to the necessary level to complete it. What happens then? Why don’t you make it super hard to get to the end but phase the difficulty along side the players progress so that it evolves and grows much in the same way The Challenge works. I just don’t see it’s place in the’s a mode that you’ll only get two thirds of the way through guys, all the best! Just doesn’t make sense.

3) Squad Builder / Save facility - This is more of a request / idea. With the introduction of badges, a majority of which contain elements that mean survivors work in synergy together, can we have a squad builder facility added at some point please. Having to constantly go back in and look at which badges I have applied to survivors to see who will work best with with who is laborious and repetitive. Being able to build squads and look to develop them as a team would be far more productive and really give the community the ability to strategise, build a team of survivors with specific aims and characteristics.

As I say, I’m a keen user, been around pretty much since day one, and don’t intend to walk away, but there are some elements to the game that suggest not much thought is being applied and a lack of interest in really moving the game forward.

I head up a very successful guild in SWGOH as well as No Man’s Land. And I don’t wish to insult anyone by saying this, but SWGOH is way ahead in terms of the developers evolving the game and listening to the community.

Anyway, I hope someone reads this and takes on board anything they feel deserves consideration.

Thank you for your time.


  • TCBRITOTCBRITO Member Posts: 379
    About the mode of difficult distance, it is not impossible to complete, in fact it comes to be easy, most players level 70 manage to complete and many without making any effort.
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 584
    Impossible to complete the Hard Distance? I am not even LV 70 (close though, about to upgrade my workshop) and I have completed most of them. In fact, I am about to complete this week's version for the first time.

    But I will agree with you on number 1, even though I haven't encountered that problem yet. There should be some offers in the Trade shop for supplies. Number 3 would be nice too.
    Really!! And thanks for the screenshot @TCBRITO.
    Clearly I along with my fellow guild members are missing a trick!

    Just to be clear, we are all F2P, so is that’s the key then it remains impossible, if not I stand corrected.

    Hopefully they’ll introduce elements to rectify the other 2 areas.

    Thanks for the comments guys.
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 584

    I have only spent $3 which was two years ago, so spending certainly isn't a requirement.

    There is a thread on this forum that lists the rewards for The Distance each week and usually has a link to a helpful guide as well.
    Thanks @ShadowWalker, I’ll have a look around for it
  • TCBRITOTCBRITO Member Posts: 379
    @ELLETT_THFC I'm also a F2P player, the key is not the money, it's the strategy. There Are many tips here on the forum and videos on YouTube that have helped me to finish and surely can help you too.
  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 263
    Adding in, I'm 100% free to play as well. I've beaten all 6 versions of the hard difficulty Distance multiple times. Far from 'impossible'

    As to your first point, i wouldn't be opposed to seeing more frequent "supplies for trade goods" days.

    If its a commodity in the apocalypse, we should be able to use it for trade/currency.
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