LegionOfDoom Family #LOD

DoomsdayDoomsday Member Posts: 464
edited July 2020 in Guild Recruitment
From the OG Doomsday911 who brought you DSF, come and join me on my NEW journey. I have Been playing this game since day one. #LOD LegionOfDoom Family. LegionOfDoom 1500 ⭐️ and LegionOfDoom 2 💀 800 MIN. We have highly experienced players who are willing to teach and help you grow. We use FB messenger where we share strategy and in game tips, and also a FB page. Don’t get lost in the shuffle in a pool of guilds, join us and be acknowledged. Join up today and let’s build something great together. We are GUILD WARS READY !! 🚨Top 20 Local US🚨


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