Non-Combatants (Camp/Resource Modifiers)

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In the WD universe, there is the concept of the survivor who assists the group by means other than killing zombies. I would propose that a maximum number of 3 survivor slots have the potential to be used for such survivors. Herein, the rarity of an existing survivor would be preserved, but the class would be changed to non-combatant and leveling would no longer occur. The resulting survivor cannot be used in missions and must remain in the camp and take up a slot. When converting (cost of gold?), the user would be presented with the following options:

Drill Instructor (increased XP rate + training cost/time reduction)
Smithy (increased XP rate + equipment upgrade cost/time reduction)
Farmer (increased food production rate + farm upgrade cost/time reduction)
Merchant (increased trade goods rate + generate influence)
Engineer (increased gas rate + building & building upgrade cost/time reduction)
Doctor (decreased healing time + healing slot)

If the first conversion is to Farmer, the next conversion would only allow for the options of Drill Instructor, Smithy, Merchant, Engineer, and Doctor (and so forth until the maximum of 3 is reached). Once converted, the change of class could not be undone. If the user wishes to change their modifiers, an existing non-combatant must be retired and another survivor must be converted. Each non-combatant would add a modifier to their respective field based upon their rarity. EG. A common farmer would add a modifier of 1.1 to the rate of food production and decrease farm upgrade cost/time by a factor of .9, an uncommon 1.2 and .8, etc...
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    + Add requirement that survivor being converted to non-combatant must be fully leveled.
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    Now that sounds interresting.
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    They just need to add more traits to equipments. Those could be good additional traits . Like maybe xp bonus gear for when farming ....
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    so, when a maxed survivor has outlived it's usefulness as a scavenger, put them in slots in town to speed up production rather than retire. The idea has merit but needs more development.
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    I had a similar idea, except that the camp modifyer was a building that could be "specialized" to one of a number of options. The building would fill a 2x2 space, max level 1, and be available maybe council 7 or 8 for around 40k. Upon completion can be "specialized" for free, at no time; although if the specialization is wanted to be changed, would cost 20k and half the build time to reset (as to prevent people using one specialization while playing, then changing immediately before going to bed).

    Ideas (in no particular order):
    - extra greenhouse: generates small amount of resources, say 20% of what available/average farm can do, and increase all farms rate by 1.05x. So if a farm generates 800/hour and holds 6400, the greenhouse would generate 160/hour and hold 1280 and boost the farms to 840/hour while still holding 6400.
    - extra barracks/shack/outhouse: ditto, but experience.
    - petrol pump: decrease gas refill to 8 minutes, generates own gas at 8 minutes, only holds 2 gas.
    - meditative retreat: I picture the white gossip awning thing in Alexandria. Increases chances of finding rare equipment during deadly missions, say +50% the effect of deadly missions.
    - gun rack, grindstone, or armour rack: increases ranged damage, melee damage, and armour by 15%, respectively.
    - camouflage station/vanity: decreases walker "aggro" range for scouts and/or warriors by 1 or 2 tiles.

    Of course these are just ideas, and will likely have to be balanced. The hope of adding this specialization aspect is that it will allow players to tune the game to meet their gameplay styles. Some people can play for 30 minutes intensively everyday, others on weekends, and others yet all day; some people like blasting walkers, others like shiv-ing them; some times you need to find some new weapons, and other times you need to grind the experience for those weapons. Giving everyone a choice that makes the game better for them in their unique way benefits the community as a whole.
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    We fight or we die... Or get retired
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    @Ockham_a_Priori , that was a lengthy comment so I did not read through all of it until just now. Those were some great ideas.
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