4/1 distance and spring tokens through 4/7

Will i be able to earn all tokens from the last event Distance through the end of that week on 4/7, though the event ends on 4/2? I will be quite bz that week and probably not able to play much.


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    The short answer is, no, you need to earn the token before the event ends so before April 3, 2019 at 13:00.
    Vane said:

    Teh_Damin said:


    So, just to be 200% sure. 1st and 2nd (and prolly 3rd until reset) April I can still do the Distance and earn event tokens, consequently, reducing the number of needed Distance resets to 3, in order to get the final reward for 3k points.

    Am I correct?

    Yes, you are correct - on the 1st and 2nd of April (and on the 3rd of April before campaign end) you can still earn 125 (250 with reset for gold) tokens from the Distance that starts on Mon, April 1st. If this Distance is done, it reduces the needed number of resets to get the last reward to 3.

    New Campaigns in the future will most likely be starting on Mondays with the recent Distance change, so everything is following one format. But this time, for the Spring Quest, 2 extra days of the Distance are added to the campaign :)
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    Oh sh!t
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